Forwarding Mail

If the student or employee is leaving campus for a few weeks, for the summer, to study abroad, to take a leave of absence, or simply leaving campus for an extended period of time for any reason but plan on returning, please forward your mail with the ASUPO. We will forward all first class mail and packages. Forwards are effective until you inform the ASUPO of your return to campus.

Mail Forwarding Form 

Starting Date

The date you want your forwarding to begin should be formatted in MM/DD/YYYY.   If your address change is permanent, your mail will be forwarded for one year through USPS. If the change is temporary, your mail will be forwarded for four months. If you need to make any changes to your current forwarding address, call the ASUPO at (601) 877-6334 or send us an official US Post Office change of address card.