Administration and Finance


The Administration and Finance Department is committed to providing quality support, leadership and resources in an effective, efficient and professional manner to advance the University's mission.



  1. Integrity
    Honesty, openness, fairness
  2. Team Work
  3. Good Stewardship
  4. Continuous Improvement
    Same as Total Quality Management
  5. Excellence
  6. Customer Service (Quality Service)
    Customer Service: recipient of end product; don't always blame the customer
    We must empower employees to be service oriented
  7. Innovation
    Thinking outside the box, new ideas, implementation of staff recognition award based on innovation (HR and Staff Senate)
  8. Professionalism
    How you look and how you conduct yourself
  9. Responsibility/Accountability
    Must be held accountable for their actions; how do people grow if you don't hold them accountable for their actions
  10. Efficiency - eliminate waste when necessary

The Administration and Finance Department supports the instructional and research mission of the University by:

  1. Providing efficient and effective business services for ASU students, faculty and staff which includes: cashier services, payroll, accounts payable, travel and general campus financial services.
  2. Supporting campus use of BANNER administrative systems through user support and training, documentation, and access control.
  3. Ensuring that Alcorn State University business transactions are conducted in accordance with all applicable regulations, policies, procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and sound business practices.