Board of Directors


Executive Committee   Term  
 Mr. Robert D. Gage IV, Chairman  3-Year
 Mr. James Biglane, Vice Chairman  3-Year
 Dr. Rudolph E. Waters, Sr., Treasurer  3-Year
 Board of Directors    
 Dr. Charlie Bridges ’74  2-year
 Mrs. Jessica Hayes-William ‘76  1-year
 Mr. Nathaniel Hughes ‘79  1-year
 Dr. Jesse Lucas ’58   2-year
 Mr. Charles McClelland ’64  2-year
 Dr. Jessie E. McGee ’68  3-year
 Dr. Alpha  L. Morris ’52  3-year
 Mr. James C. Stubbs '73  2-year
 Mr. Robert Simmons ’78  1-year
 Mr. Donald Sowell ’60  3-year
 Dr. Cassandra Vaughn ’84  1-year
 Dr. Shelby Wilkes ’71  2-year
 Dr. M. Christopher Brown II, President, Alcorn State University  
 Mr. Marcus D. Ward '00, Executive Director, ASU Foundation, Inc.