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President Brown planning Capital Fundraising Campaign

Interest in Alcorn State University is at an all time high and President M. Christopher Brown II is on a mission and on the move to make a great institution even better.

President Brown has been fundraising for Alcorn, supporting Alcornites around the nation and inspiring those in higher education to make bold, visionary decisions.

Prior to Monday’s historic coach announcement this week, President Brown was in California meeting with potential donors and formulating beneficial partnerships.

“Alcorn is preparing for a major capital fundraising campaign,” President Brown said. “We must keep our students in the classroom and build a campus infrastructure to sustain our growth.”

On Tuesday, May 29, the United States President welcomed President Brown to the White House on the occasion of the presentation of the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom Awards. Dr. Brown was invited to attend the White House Community Leaders Briefing series last year and serves on the advisory council for the American Commonwealth Project.

For the remainder of the week until June 2, he is attending the 25th Annual National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) in New York. At the well-attended conference, President Brown presented his work entitled, “Black Privilege: Unpacking the Invisibility of Prejudice on an HBCU Campus”.

“It is indeed a pleasure to be the 18th president of Alcorn,” President Brown said. “It is a hat you always wear--even on vacation. I appreciate the Alcorn community for giving me the opportunity to serve and for all their support.”

President Brown, and other University officials, in conjunction with deans of schools, faculty and staff at Alcorn, are currently in the process of establishing campaign goals that fulfill their vision for the University as it moves forward. The president plans to actively engage students, alumni and friends in the process as well.