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Alcorn president embarks on national alumni tour

Alcorn State, Miss. (August 11, 2012) – Alcorn President M. Christopher Brown II is departing Lorman on Thursday, August 16, embarking on a national alumni listening and speaking tour.

Brown’s tour begins in Greenville, Mississippi, and the first phase includes stops in Atlanta, Detroit, the nation’s capital, and Memphis. President Brown started his tenure being actively engaged in civic and community affairs throughout the region, state and nation promoting transparency and collaboration across disciplines and amongst constituents.

Brown understands Alcorn’s legacy as a family-oriented environment and the role alumni embody, “It is vital to meet members of our community face-to-face. What’s more, Alcorn must listen to know what is important to alumni.”

Alcorn’s personal attention and sense of community are just a few reasons alumni’s pride is so strong, Brown acknowledges immediately, his voice reflecting his pride. “Our alumni represent our greatest achievements and they are without a doubt our best advocates. Alumni support is needed now more than ever. Alumni recruit students, attend campus events, volunteer on campus, serve as mentors, employ our students and offer them valuable intern opportunities, plus make gifts to Alcorn to continue its legacy of excellence.”

President Brown will update alumni, stakeholders and community leaders on all the great happenings occurring at Alcorn and encourage increase involvement. He will address concerns on reduction in state funds, tuition increases and various other topics.

Director of Alumni Affairs Janice Gibson proudly says, “Whether you attended or not, you are Alcorn. Each and every investment in Alcorn impacts the growth and development of Mississippi’s future.”

The tour is open to alumni and friends of Alcorn residing in general proximity of the various locations as well.

Tour Schedule:

August 16

Greenville, MS

August 24

Atlanta, GA

September 6

Detroit, MI

September 8

Washington, DC

October 27

Memphis, TN

“It is hard to get more personal attention from a university than a meeting with the college president,” said James Stubbs '73, newly elected president of the National Alumni Association. “We are grateful to have a president who is not just sitting in his office attending events on campus or in close vicinity to campus, but makes it his mission to meet with us where we are.”

For additional information or to submit topics for discussion, contact Alumni Affairs at 601.877.6323 or alumniaffairs@alcorn.edu .


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