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ASU scientists conduct training on fruit crops reproducing for the public

Dr Panicker at the fair 2010

Panicker and Shorter at the fair.

November 1, 2010 - Recently, Dr. Girish Panicker, director of the Alcorn State University Center for Conservation Research, School of Agriculture, Research and Advanced Technology, and his research associate Marcus Shorter, conducted a practical training program on fruit crops clonal propagation (reproducing) technology for the public. The day-long program was a part of the 151st Mississippi State Fair held in Jackson October 6th through 17th.

“This method will help people produce large sized well-rooted plants from the mother plants in short time with minimum propagation facilities,” stated Panicker. “It will help the public establish orchards and vineyards on their backyards without buying fruit tree saplings from commercial nurseries.” This training program and similar programs of Alcorn State University are a big help for Mississippians who are looking to reduce costs while still trying to pursue their goals and keep the quality of life in an uncertain economy.