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Alcorn faculty Malinda Butler selected to serve on ETS National Advisory Committee

Malinda Butler and ETS

ETS National Advisory Committee

Dr. Malinda Butler, assistant professor in the Department of Education and Psychology and director of Institutional Effectiveness, was recently selected by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, to serve on their National Advisory Committee to review specifications for a Praxis Middle School teachers test. This test will be given to prospective middle school teachers in a number of states.

The National Advisory Committee meeting was held September 10-12, 2010, at the ETS Chauncey Conference Center in Princeton, New Jersey.

“I am honored to be selected to serve on the National Advisory Committee (NAC) for ETS,” shares Dr. Butler. “The committee is a key component in the ETS test development process for all Praxis Series tests. Having this opportunity, gave me an insight on what’s actually involved in the selection of test items.”

The purpose of this NAC meeting was to review and revise the specifications for the test. The committee consisted of a diverse group of licensed practitioners (teachers or school leaders) and higher education faculty who were involved in teacher preparation for a particular subject area or licensure test.

The group of sixteen participants included mostly middle school teachers with less than 11 years teaching experience, and three college educators that came from several states. Dr. Butler was one of the college educators that were selected as part of this group. Teachers were currently teaching or had taught English, arts, social studies, math, and science were selected as participants for this committee.