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Dr. Yaw Twumasi Speaks at the Mississippi Center for Technology Transfer 2nd Research Summit

Dr. Yaw Twumasi

Dr. Twumasi delivering his presentation at eCenter.

Recently, Dr. Yaw Twumasi of Advanced Technologies Department, was invited by the Mississippi Center for Technology Transfer to speak at the 2nd Annual Technology and Research Summit held at Jackson State University, Mississippi eCenter. Dr. Twumasi’s presentation focused on the ways to improve public transportation systems in Jackson, Mississippi, using geospatial technologies. Drawing upon his expertise and extensive experience using applied geographic information systems technologies tools coupled with analyzing data from Hinds County and other cities in the United States, Dr. Twumasi showed step-by-step on how geospatial technologies can be fruitfully employed to enhance efficiency and save time and cost of transportation system operations and management in Jackson.

"It was an honor to be selected to represent Alcorn State University at this highly important summit,” said Dr. Twumasi.

The Mississippi Center for Technology Transfer, locally known as the “T-Square Center” is part of the national Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) network. LTAP is a direct, hands-on method for moving innovative transportation technologies out of lab, off the shelf, and into the hands of the people who maintain our local streets and roads. This medium-sized summit was one in a series of activities held to introduce local governments to cost effective and innovative technologies. It was attended by the industry experts, students and researchers from all over the state of Mississippi.