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ASU Mass Communication Professor Jerry Domatob publishes poetry book: Positive Vibrations

Jerry Domatob book

Domatob with his first poetry book.

“Just be my friend in good or bad, triumph or tribulation, just be my friend…” reads Dr. Jerry Domatob’s favorite poem from his recently published book Positive Vibrations. The 130-page poetry book, illustrated with photos of people, trees and flowers, highlights significant issues in human conflicts.

Positive Vibrations specifically addresses issues germane to life and death, triumphs and tribulations, joys and sorrows, war and peace from a cheery perspective,” shared the author. The book’s message among other things is to vibrate despite unavoidable tragedies, sorrows, disappointments and calamities. Minimize the gloom and doom outlook, though you must not totally ignore it. In other words, vibrate but keep it positive.”

Although Dr. Domatob has published over five books and edited others, this is his first poetry book. He is also the author of African Americans of Western Long Island, African Americans of Eastern Long Island, African Americans of Waterloo, Iowa, and African Higher Education: A Survey. African Political and Economic Development Issues. He has co-edited three books including Mass Media and the African Society and African Media Issues. Dr. Domatob has also published over 30 articles and book chapters. His articles have appeared in the Dutch international communications journal, Gazette, British journals Media Development and Media Education International, Korean Journal of International Affairs, Indian Journal of Politics, Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives and African Media Review. His experience includes serving as editor-in-chief of the Harlem Times in New York, working as a Radio Cameroon broadcaster and publishing several newspaper articles internationally. Dr. Domatob is finishing three other poetry books and another one on African media.

Jerry Komia Domatob has been serving as an associate professor of Mass Communication at Alcorn State University since 2005; He is originally from Cameroon, Central Africa. Domatob received his Ph.D. from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio; he also holds two master’s degrees, one in journalism and one in international affairs from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada; and he received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Yaounde, Cameroon. Dr. Domatob currently resides in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

Positive Vibrations is published by the Maryland based company, PublishAmerica and is available for purchase at www.publishamerica.com and at www.amazon.com .