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ASU student participates in Ethics Week

Dr. PJ Forest, associate professor in the MBA program at Alcorn, recently engaged her students in activities related to ethics during Ethics Awareness Week, February 7 – 11. One student in her Business Ethics course, Caprice Mack, a junior business administration major from Port Gibson, Mississippi, focused her project on ethical decision making, questioning the ethical behavior of well-known rapper 50 Cent. She asked, “Was it ethical or unethical for 50 Cent to encourage his followers on Twitter to invest in his stock?” Mack wasn’t surprised by the responses. “Although some deemed it ethical and gave sound reasoning, the majority of individuals viewed his actions as unethical.”

Completing this project, Mack learned a lot about individual’s morals and principles when it comes to decision making. “Some people don’t really consider how their actions, which are sometimes more in self-interest, actually affect others. They don’t consider the public or their customer when doing certain things.”

Ethics Awareness Week is a coordinated effort of the colleges and universities in the state of Mississippi to raise awareness of the importance of ethics in our everyday life.

Mack thanks all that participated and lists the winning responses below. These individuals can pick up a “happy” from Ms. Geraldine Varnado in the School of Business on Monday, February 14, 1:00 p.m.

Sarah Wildee voted ethical: Individuals promote their products through Faceboook, TV, and radio. The actions of 50 Cent were not different, just a new method (Twitter).

Kaleon Walker voted ethical: 50 Cent's actions were ethical because Twitter is a networking/promotional tool.

Calvin Franklin voted unethical: 50 Cent should have informed his followers on the status of the stock. Even though he has not broken any laws, it was still wrong to "hype" up a worthless stock.