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Alcorn Associate Professor Gwendolyn Boyd receives Agroforestry Grant

Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, associate professor of forestry in the Department of Agriculture at Alcorn State University, recently received a grant from the United States Forest Service titled “Training in Best Agroforestry Practices for 1890 University’s Teaching Faculty, Extension, Research Professionals, and Graduate Students.”

“The purpose of the grant is to train forestry professionals in the techniques of agro forestry so they may transfer the information to the farmers,” said Dr. Boyd. “The overall goal of this grant is to help farmers integrate agro forestry practices on their forested lands.”

Boyd currently serves as chair of the 1890 Agro Forestry Consortium. Prior to becoming chair, she served as secretary and treasurer. She is also a charter member to the 10-year organization.

According to Dr. Boyd, agro forestry is the intentional integration of forest trees with livestock and forage. She has done presentations and workshops in the areas of forest farming and silvopasture. The remaining areas of agro forestry are riparian buffers and alley cropping.