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Alcorn Athletics on notice, Zero-tolerance for less than excellence

Alcorn State, MS (November 14, 2011) – “It’s not a matter of will personnel be cut but when,” stated President Brown with a direct certainty. “Loss revenues make personnel cuts necessary. All athletic positions will be reviewed, some terminations, some reassignments, and very real reductions in salary will occur soon.”

In a mandatory meeting with all athletics staff and related personnel today, President Brown discussed several major concerns with the department regarding its NCAA Division I Athletics Certification Self-Study, changes in the Academic Progress Rate (APR), personnel reductions and terminations, a review of the code of conduct, and search for a permanent athletic director.

President Brown reviewed the Mississippi Employee and University Staff Codes of Conduct. He also informed all athletic staff of a zero tolerance for less than excellent performance and personal conduct, assuring strict enforcement of policies. “It is important that we all understand what is expected of us,” says President Brown. “Our actions and non-actions matter and will be handled in accordance with University policies and state law.”

“Alcorn will be excellent without excuse in academics, agriculture and athletics,” says an unwavering President Brown.

Major actions were the announcement of three new committees:

The Capital City Classic Taskforce will be directed by Matt Thomas and include community member Elvin Parker, campus representative Marcus Ward and alumni Dr. John E. Walls.

The Athletic Director Search Committee will be co-chaired by Dr. Norris A. Edney Sr. and Percy Norwood. Members include Willie “Rat” McGowan Sr., Zelmarine Murphy, Henry Tucker, Nate Hughes, Dr. John Igwebuike, Emanuel Barnes, LLJuna Weir, Jerry Sims, Dr. Donzell Lee, E. Cheryl Ponder, Ian Francis (student-athlete), Jadtrl Heard (student-athlete) and Dr. Malvin A. Williams Sr. (ex-officio).

The President’s Athletic Commission includes Vice Presidents: Dr. Betty Roberts, Senior Vice President & CFO and Dr. Samuel L. White, Executive Vice President/Provost; Student representatives: Brandon Rook, SGA President, Booker Reid, Freshman Class President; Alumni: Marion Mixon and Brenda Buck, Jefferson County Administrator; Staff representatives: Willie Moses, Director of Campus Union and Cheryl Kariuki, Director of Vicksburg Campus; Faculty members: Dr. Cassandra Vaughn, University Veterinarian and Dr. Peter Malik, English & Foreign Languages; Deans: Dr. Norris A. Edney Sr., Arts & Sciences and Dr. Blanche Sanders, University Library; Department Chairs members: Dr. Larry Konecky, Fine Arts and Dr. Alpha Morris, Social Sciences; Community members: Paul Winfield, Mayor of Vicksburg and Allen Burks, Supervisor, Claiborne County; Retired Coaches: James Brooks (pending confirmation) and Shirley Walker; Ex-Officio members: Dr. Malvin A. Williams, Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, LLJuna Weir, Assistant AD/Senior Women Administrator, Gralon A. Johnson, Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives and Dr. Derek Greenfield, Director of Diversity and Equity Engagement.


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