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 Guidelines for completing this form



*Date Needed: A date must be specified. When specifying the "date needed", please fill in the date the item is needed either in your hands, if this is a direct-mail piece or the date the item is needed in the hands of a mail house. Also, please submit this form four (4) to six (6) weeks in advance of your due date. (Reprints with no changes; however, can be produced in less time.) Additional time may be needed for more complex jobs. You will be advised if there will be a problem meeting your deadline.

*Copy Source: Please provide text (copy) when submitting this request, preferably in a Word.doc file, or include information about when it will be available. We can not begin your project without text (copy).

*Quantity needed: Please do not leave this blank. We are unable to begin the printing bid process without this information. If you are ordering an item for a special event, anticipate the number you need for that event, and factor in any additional pieces you will need for the future.