Sexual Assault Awareness

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct

Alcorn State University is committed to providing an environment that fosters respect and dignity for students and employees. Therefore, it is critical for each member of our campus community to work proactively to uphold these principles, intervene in instances that violate this policy, and challenge one another to represent the Alcorn spirit of knowledge and character.

This webpage shares ASU’s policies that are intended to prevent and respond to gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and other sexual misconduct involving students. Title IX’s goal is to prevent gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct, that unreasonably interferes with a person’s ability to participate in an educational program, benefit, or activity. Title VII addresses sexual harassment in employment. The University has developed these policies to nurture a safe living, learning, and working environment for our students.

Most importantly, if you feel that you have encountered discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, ASU strongly encourages you to report it, use these procedures, and seek help. Resources to support you, such as counseling, are available. You may click on the tabs to the right side of this screen for more information. Information related to filing a formal complaint can be found by clicking on the “What Can I Do?” tab on the right side of this screen.

If you are a victim of sexual misconduct on campus or in connection with a University event, please report the incident to the Title IX coordinator. Most University staff are required to report such incidents to the Title IX coordinator. For questions, concerns, or reporting please contact ASU’s Title IX Coordinator at the following number:

Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion
(601) 877-6700