Moving Policy

Facilities Management Department

Policy Statement


Moving Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) BD10219_


1.        Purpose: The purpose of this SOP is to provide procedures for intra-campus moves.


2.        Application: These procedures apply to all moves of offices, furniture, equipment, and professional items on the campus of Alcorn State University.


3.        Move Management:

a.        Whenever possible, organizations of the University are encouraged to perform self-moves.  Staff and faculty can easily accomplish moves of books, boxes, and single items of furniture.  This will save the University money and the department time. 


b.        Moves beyond the capability of the requesting department will be performed by a contracted mover.  Facilities Management/Grounds will provide Contract Administration.


c.        The Facilities Management will coordinate moves associated with the opening of new buildings on campus.


d.        Multiple moves associated with building renovations will be coordinated by the Facilities Management Department.


e.        Departments requiring moving services should contact Facilities Management/Administrative Services by submitting an online work request.


f.         Move work requests should include the following information:

(1)     Location of move (From: To)

(2)     Name of customer, contact person, and phone #

(3)     Requested start date

(4)     Department account number

(5)     Nature of move

(6)     Number of boxes and rolls of tape needed


g.        Minimum charges will apply to all moves.  Charges will be based on the contract hourly rate.  Mileage may apply depending on Alcorn’s contract with the mover.


h.        Every precaution will be taken to prevent breakage, damage, and theft.  All liabilities rest with the contracted mover and the customer.

i.          The contracted mover will contact the Grounds Shop when arriving on campus and will sign out at Facilities Management upon departure.

j.          Normal moving hours are between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.  Overtime charges will apply to moves requested outside these hours.


k.        Moving contractors will not relocate full horizontal files and cabinets.  The customer must empty these cabinets prior to moving.


l.          When the customer is not ready for their scheduled move, the move will be rescheduled to a later date.  A surcharge will be imposed to cover the moving contractor’s labor and mileage unless cancellation notice is given 24 hours prior to the contractor’s arrival on campus.


m.      Personal documents and valuables, computer equipment, and personal office items require the attendance of the customer during the duration of the move.  An additional moving staff person may be assigned for security purposes at the request of the customer.


n.        Moving contractors handle moves only.  Separate work requests must be submitted for the assembly and disassembly of desks, cubicles, and shelves, and relocation of classroom furniture.  Work requests for this work should be submitted by completing an online work order.


o.        The contracted mover will not relocate surplus items without receiving proper authorization prior to the move. Contact the Fixed Asset Officer for information concerning surplus items.  Responsibility lies with the customer to secure the Fixed Asset System’s Transfer forms from the Fixed Asset Officer.


p.        Acquisition of boxes and tape is the responsibility of the customer.  The customer will note the number of boxes and tape needed on the move work request.  The moving contractor will then contact the customer directly and coordinate the delivery of boxes and tape to the customer.


4.        Move categories:

a.        Small moves:  no more than two complete offices (includes rearrangement of office furnishings). 

Small moves require a minimum one week notice.

b.        Large moves:  more than two complete offices (includes all off campus moves and items to surplus).

Large moves require a minimum three-week notice.


5.        Questions concerning these procedures should be directed to the Administrative Services Manager at extension 3958.


                                                  Elester Shedrick

                                          Director of Facility Services