Register for Employee Housing

Registration for CAMPUS HOUSING is an online process. Applicants must be in good standing with employment to obtain housing. Initiation of a rental agreement requires approval of the VP for Finance & Administration or the President.

NOTICE: There is currently a WAITING LIST for employee housing.  

As units are made available, designated candidates may be contacted in the order in which they appear on the list. Administrative appointments take priority. 


Available Forms

  • CHECK YOUR STATUS on the Waiting List
  • Things to do BEFORE YOU MOVE IN
  • Key Remake Request Form
  • Maintenance Request: SchoolDude
  • Notice of Intent to Vacate Employee Housing
  • Inspection Request Form
  • Security Deposit, Rent Rates, and Unit Descriptions 

Security Deposit

  • A security deposit of five hundred dollars ($500) is required for dwellings occupied by a single tenant

  • Multiple tenants occupying a single unit are each required to pay two hundred fifty dollars ($250)

Rent Rates & Unit Description

Tenants will receive a housing contract outlining current rates and will be notified via university email or in writing of any changes in rate.
  • $361 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment (stove)

  • $416 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment (stove)

  • $416 per month for a house (appliances vary)

Contact Us

Facilities Management
Phone: (601) 877-6470
To submit any work request, click here.

Satellite & Internet Issues
Center for Information Technology Services (CITS). 
Helpdesk at: (601)877-CITS (2487) or

Administrative Issues 
Address: Office of Finance & Administration
                 WWACB 6th Floor
                 1000 ASU Drive #509
                 Lorman, MS 39096 

Who is qualified for employee housing?

Housing units are designated for full time employees of Alcorn State University. Full time is defined as active employees who are employed 40 hours or more per week during the duration of stay.

How can I submit my application?

We accept applications online. Applying online places your name and contact information directly on the waiting list.

Should you experience difficulties with completing the online application, you have the option of emailing your request to Opting to submit via email involves manual transference and will result in delay of processing your application.

The following fields are REQUIRED: 
      ASU ID Number
      ASU email address

      Contact phone number or extension  

How will I know if my application was submitted successfully?

At the completion of your online application, a message will be sent to your email address confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.

I have submitted my online application; now what?

There is currently a WAITING LIST for campus housing. As units are made available, selected applicants may be contacted in the order in which the housing application was received.

How long will my application remain on file?

All applications remain on record as long as you are employed full time or until you are placed in housing. You may request to have your name removed from the list by emailing A reinstatement of status (from part-time back to full time, or from terminated to rehired) will require a new application

What is the order of priority when selecting a tenant?

As a unit is made available, the selected candidate may be contacted in the order in which the housing application was received. Administrative appointments take priority.

How do I find out what units are available?

There is currently a WAITING LIST for campus housing. As units are made available, selected applicants may be contacted in the order in which the housing application was received. 

Are there any temporary or seasonal rentals?

No units are set aside to be rented temporarily or seasonally.

How much is the security deposit?

A security deposit of five hundred dollars ($500) is required for a unit that will be occupied by a single tenant. Multiple tenants occupying a single unit are each required to pay two hundred fifty dollars ($250). No refunds, or portions thereof, will be considered until the tenant vacates the unit and keys are surrendered.

How should I pay my monthly rent?

The Lessee agrees to pay monthly rent to Alcorn State University at the end of each month, via payroll deduction.

If for some reason the Lessee did not work, responsibility is not negated. In that instance, the Lessee is required to make payment no later than the 10th of the following month at the Cashier's Window located on the 2nd floor of the WWACB.

What are the included appliances, amenties, features, etc.?

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to preview the open unit and its contents before signing the rental agreement.

  • Appliances vary among units. Typically, only a stove is provided.
  • One or two bedrooms
  • Water and Gas included
  • Access to campus internet
  • Satellite TV services
  • Accommodations reserved exclusively for ASU full time faculty & staff
  • Convenient parking
  • Grass cutting services
  • Monthly Rent via payroll deduction

What utilities are included?

The tenant is responsible for making arrangements and paying electricity bills with Southwest Mississippi EPA located in Lorman, MS.

How many bedrooms are included?

Apartments range between one or two bedrooms. The number of bedrooms in the houses vary.

Am I allowed to sublet a unit?

No. You are not permitted to sublet for payment or other consideration. Subletting would be considered a breach of your tenancy agreement and appropriate action will be taken.

If you are planning to be absent for a period, but intend to return, you must obtain written approval from the VP for Finance & Administration for another person to temporarily reside in your assigned unit.

What is the procedure for sharing a unit?

Multiple tenants occupying a single unit are each required to pay two hundred fifty dollars ($250) security deposit. Rent will be divided evenly or as agreed upon by the tenants. Each tenant will sign a contract. As a roommate vacates, remaining tenants agree to have their portion of the rent adjusted automatically. The vacating tenant's portion of the rent will be divided among remaining tenants.

Power supply payments are the distinct responsibility of the tenants. Tenants should seek clarification among the occupants about utility payments.

How long do tenancy agreements last?

Lease agreements are for a term of 12 months. The lease period may be extended beyond the original period by joint agreement between Alcorn State University and the Lessee. The lease may be terminated by Alcorn State University at any time the Lessee violates the conditions of the contract. Specific grounds for the termination of the contract are listed in the contract (see BREACH OF AGREEMENT & TERMS OF CONTRACT- EVICTION).

How do I report Housing and Maintenance repair issues?

Maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Facilities Management. All issues regarding operations and maintenance should be reported to Facilities Management. You can access SchoolDude or call their office.

What are the steps for vacating a unit?

  1. Submit written notice to the office of the VP for Finance & Administration at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of intent to vacate the property
  2. Ensure the entire housing unit is clean, including items within (range, refrigerator, etc.)
  3. Verify there is no unpaid or delinquent rent
  4. Print and sign the Inspection Request Form. Be sure to include your forwarding address
  5. Submit form to the Office of Finance & Administration and return all keys
  6. Verify that an inspection of the unit has been scheduled with Facilities Management
  7. Remember to contact Southwest Mississippi EPA to have the power supply disconnected

Can I break my contract?

Be sure to complete and submit the Notice of Intent to Vacate Form and the Housing Inspection Request Form.

What happens to my enrollment on the waiting list if I decline an offer?

Your name will be removed from the waiting list.

I am no longer interested in Campus Housing. How do I remove my name from the waiting list?

You may request to have your name removed from the list by emailing

Where do I direct questions that are not on this list?

Please submit all administrative questions via email to . Our staff will obtain answers on your behalf from the appropriate area. Feedback will be provided to you as quickly as possible.

Questions concerning  maintenance topics should be directed to Facilities Management. Submit work requests by using SchoolDude.

Questions concerning Satellite or Internet should be directed to CITS.