The Alcorn State University Police Department is supervised by the Chief of Police, who is responsible for all aspects of daily operations of the department.  The Chief of Police is under the direct supervision of the Senior Vice President for Administration and Chief Operating Officer. 

The authority of the police is derived from Title 37-105-9 of the Mississippi Code, which provides, in part: 

Any act which, if committed within the limits of a city, town, or village, or in any public place, would be a violation of the general laws of this state.  It shall be criminal and punishable if done on the campus, grounds, or roads of any of the state institutions of higher learning. The peace officers duly appointed by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning are vested with the powers and subjected to the duties of a constable for the purpose of preventing and punishing all violations of law on university or college grounds, and for preserving order and decorum thereon.



The Alcorn State University Police Department’s mission is to provide public safety and other related services to the University community in a courteous professional and ethical manner.  Members of the department strive to work in partnership with the University community to identify, prevent, and solve problems of crime within the University community and to foster partnerships with campus neighbors and other public safety professionals.



Safety and security are top priorities of the Alcorn State University’s Police Department.  Every student, staff member, faculty and administrative person is encouraged to take notice of safety and security policies and practices.  The ultimate goal of the police department is to prevent the commission of crime by working with the community. Knowledge and awareness of criminal activity and practices is of paramount importance.

Students, faculty and staff are cautioned that if you must walk at night, please walk with an escort or in a group.  In special situations, a police escort is available; please call (601) 877-3000 or 3000 if on the campus to request this service.

We need your help to catch criminals and offenders. Your feedback can help us keep our University community a safe and a pleasant place to live.  If you witness criminal activity, please report it immediately.  There may come a time when you witness an activity that needs reporting and you do not want to report in person.  Please take advantage of our Confidential Crime Reporting form.

It is crucial to notify the campus quickly in time-sensitive situations, because up-to-date communication helps minimize the spread of misinformation, restore order provide direction and even prevent injuries and save lives. The system can be used to notify students and staff members of school closures and contingency plans due to unforeseen incidents.  

The Alcorn State University Police Department provides emergency alerts through the University’s state-of-the-art emergency notification system, Connect-Ed.  It is the fastest way to ensure that the campus community receives critical notification on safety issues, school closings, weather alerts and any other emergency or police matters. Registered recipients receive simultaneous messages via text-message capable phones, PDAs, and email to alert registrants to information critical to their safety and well-being.

More information about the Connect-ED service for post-secondary educators is available at