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Change Happens: Include Technology in the Plan

One certainty in the life cycle of a university is the inevitable necessity of construction, renovation and demolition. In over 140 years, Alcorn has certainly seen its share of each, especially in recent years. Since technology has become more prolific and more integral to the academic, administrative and social life of the university, the staff of CITS has had to become more involved in the construction, renovation and demolition process as early in the planning stages as possible.

From reviewing construction blueprints to position hubs, routers, network /phone jacks, and wiring closets, to developing transition strategies for when those things have to move, to planning the overall technology infrastructure for the university and making sure all the pieces fit well, CITS takes seriously our responsibility to support our dynamic user community with high performance and minimal service disruption.

Renovation usually requires employees to move their operations to a new, temporary location. For instance, both Student Affairs and ROTC will be moving to new locations this summer. This process can be physically and emotionally taxing, especially since office work doesn’t necessarily stop for this major upheaval. While CITS does not physically move or setup computers, phones or peripherals, we do ensure that telephone and internet services are on and ready in the new location and our help desk and user support technicians are available to help with any problems that arise.

As our university continues to grow and expand, so also must we expand our capacity to provide and support the current technologies our user community demands and expects. It is the goal of CITS to do this seamlessly, transparently, securely, reliably and cost effectively to the extent possible. To learn more about CITS services and initiatives, visit our website at www.alcorn.edu/CITS.