Ethics Hotline

Ethics Line Phone: 1.877.310.0424

Responsibility to Report Fraud

All employees are required to report immediately, the specific credible information(who, what, when, and where) or knowledge when you believe that fraud has taken place or someone is perpetrating fraud. The office of Internal Audit will anonymously and objectively evaluate such information or allegations, conduct investigations and take corrective action when appropriate. All communication will be handled and processed in confidence and every effort possible will be made to keep your identity confidential.  

Fraud (defined): Intentional misappropriation of assets to defraud the organization/employer the intended use of resources and/or assets for personal gain, or any act that misrepresents by commission or omission, critical information that is relied upon by the user (internal or external) of such information.

Occupational Fraud and Abuse: ”The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization’s resources or assets.”

Methods of reporting fraud:  

The Ethics Line system is a confidential and anonymous means of reporting suspected fraud. Click here to access Ethics Line. You may also choose to report suspected fraud activity directly to the office of Internal Audit on campus.

· Email: 

· Mail: 1000 ASU Drive # 150, Alcorn State, MS 39096-7500

· In person: WWACB 1st Floor, Office of Internal Audit

Issues Other Than Fraud

To report issues other than fraud, such as personnel, misconduct, harassment, etc., contact Human Resources @ 601.877.6188 or visit their web-site for information Human Resources.