Emergency  Alerts

Campus Emergency Notification System / Connect-ED 

Students, faculty and staff can be enrolled in Alcorn State University's state-of-the-art emergency notification system, Connect-Ed. It is the quickest way to ensure that our campus community receives critical university notifications on safety issues, school closings and weather alerts and any other emergency or police matters.

The system sends to all registered recipients simultaneous messages via text-message capable phones, PDAs, and e-mail  to alert registrants of information critical to their safety and well-being. 

It is crucial that we are able to notify our campus and community quickly in time-sensitive situations because up-to-date communication helps minimize the spread of misinformation, restore order and provide direction and even save lives or injury.

The system can be used to notify entire student populations and staff members of school closures and contingency plans due to unforeseen incidents.

The Connect-ED service has been successfully used for communication by schools across the country during events, such as the wildfires in Southern California, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ernesto, school evacuations, campus notifications required by the Clery Act, and to help locate missing persons.

 *Click here to register for Connect-ED and receive emergency alerts   

 Faculty and Staff use full email address   

 Students use only name that appears before the @alcorn.edu  


 Click for Connect-ED (general information and how it works)  

More information about the Connect-ED service for post-secondary educators is available at www.blackboardconnect.com.