2009 2nd Quarter Crime Log

June 30, 2009__ Two female’s students were charge with disturbing the peace.

June 30, 2009__ A athletic coach reported items missing from the weight room a stereo and weights from dumbbell rack. This case is still under investigation.

June 30, 2009__ a male student reported his wallet stolen.

June 25, 2009__ Two students were arrested for disturbing the peace by fighting and were transported to Claiborne County Jail.

June 21, 2009__ a staff member reported she fell exiting the building through the annex to the Agriculture Building and Extension Building.

June 18, 2009__ a student reported damages to her side front door a Black 2007 Chevrolet Impala LT. This accident occurred at Davey Whitney Complex. This case is still under investigation.

June 12, 2009__ ASU Fire Department units responded to a vehicle on fire: a 1996 Green Chevrolet Impala SS Tag #Q209CL registered to Mr. Mell A. Bryant, Jr., 1039 Myers Rd, Hermanville, MS.

June 11, 2009__ Revels Hall Counselor reported damages to a student vehicle during a fight by three guys in the parking lot of Revels Hall. This case was turned over for further investigation.

June 11, 2009 __There was a reported break in at the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility. This case was turned over for further investigation.

June 09, 2009 __ A faculty member reported a Dell Monitor; Dell CPU; and a Gateway Laptop missing from Academic Technologies Support Center. These items were located in the computer lab room #136. This case is still under investigation.

June 04, 2009__ Three female students were sitting on top of a moving vehicle near Women’s Tower this is a dangerous and unsafe behavior

June 03, 2009__ Students were caught with a small bag of marijuana on school grounds. Officers confiscated the marijuana and evidence has been turned over for further investigation.

May 05, 2009__A male student reported damages to his vehicle 2003 Hyundai. The student reported the driver side window broken, entertainment system missing, interior of vehicle damaged, the rims were missing with damages to the tires.

May 04, 2009__
A male student reported his Laptop (Flamingo Pink) in color were missing while he placed his bags in the lobby as he was about to leave campus.

May 04, 2009__It was reported that the vending machine place at Alice Tanner Dorm had been vandalized.

May 04, 2009__
A female staff member reported receiving threats by phone from a female student.

May 04, 2009__Four male students were charged with Disorderly Conduct and Failure to comply with Officers; and the Dormitory Dean. The students were asked to leave the lobby of Revels Hall because of (Dead Week).

April 29, 2009__A female student reported her vehicle had been broken into. She stated missing were her ASU Gold Card, Debit card and Money.