2009 3rd Quarter Log

 August 25, 2009 __ an ASU Employee reported lost keys to his office and vehicle.

 August 23, 2009__ Several individuals were caught smoking marijuana behind Robinson Hall and Burrus Hall Dorms.

 August 23, 2009 __ a male student (Robinsons Hall) was threatening to do bodily harm to himself.

 August 22, 2009 __ There were fire alarm system problems at the Honor’s Dorm, Bio-Tech and Bio-Building outside the Welcome Center

August 20, 2009__ A female student reported damages on the passenger side of her Gray 2007 Suzuki Forenza Tag #HII173.  

August 20, 2009__ an ASU Employee reported damages to his vehicle 2007 Ford Explorer Tag #CBA717. This incident occurred at the intersection of Walter Washington Administration Building.

August 20, 2009__ A male student was charged with failure to obey lawful command.

August 20, 2009__ Two female students reported males are peeping through their window.  The lights were out in that area at the time.

August 20, 2009__ A male student was reported sick and needed medical attention.

August 5, 2009 August 4, 2009 __ a female student reported a tree limb fell on her 1995 Honda Accord EX Tag #CPQ241 and cracked her windshield on the passenger side. This incident happened in the Administration Staff Parking Lot.

August 3, 2009 __ between an ASU Employee Management Facility Plant Shop employee reported items missing from the shop. The lock and latch were broken off his toolbox.

July 27, 2009__ a male student was caught in Women’s Honors Dorm.

July 26, 2009__ a male subject was reported wearing all black was harassing female’s students at Revels Hall.  The subject who is banned from Alcorn State University was arrested for trespassing and transported to Claiborne County Jail.

July 24, 2009__A male student reported a Play Station and several games missing from his room when he returned from class.

July 23, 2009__ An  ASU staff coach reported items missing from the Baseball Press Box. The  items were a computer, printer, several baseball jackets and shorts, the room had been trashed too.

July 21, 2009__ an ASU employee reported his vehicle Blue 2003 Cadillac CTS was broken into while park at his residence 101 Johnson Village Circle. He stated items missing were a Microsoft Zune Media Player and coins. He found his car truck disturbed but nothing missing. This case was turned for further investigation.

July 21, 2009__ a female student reported her Black 1985 Mazda MX-6 Tag #39A07 has been broken into. She stated items missing were car speakers, speaker’s amps’.  Her passenger door was pryed open from the top

July 21, 2009__ a woman reported that two female students have been phone-harassing her.  The two have been identified.

July 18, 2009__ five students were on the roof top of the Old William Bell Dining Hall. The students were charged with trespassing.

July 16, 2009__ a male student reported that several people enter his room hit him in the head and took his cell phone. He  named suspects. This case was turned  over for further investigation.

July 13, 2009__ A non-student male was  charged and arrested for Possession of Marijuana less than one ounce and Trespassing in Revels Hall. An unknown male student was also involved.

July 11, 2009__ The owner of a 1990 Black Mercedes Benz Tag #PRAZJUS reported damage: busted head light and crack front fender on the passenger side. Another driver was driving 2001 Red Ford Expedition Tag #AMC732. ( an accident) This incident occurred at ASU Library Parking Lot. No injury. This report was turned over for further investigation.

July 09, 2009__ A male student was caught in a dorm room in the Honor’s Dorm during none visitation. He was advised there is no visitation during summer terms.  

July 09, 2009__ During a routine check at the Honor’s Dorm  a female student was caught in an inappropriate act with another female student. They were advised that this type of behavior is unacceptable at this University.

July 09, 2009__ During a routine check at the Honor’s Dorm a male student was found in a dorm room #247 during none visitation.

July 08, 2009__ A male student reported a broken window on his vehicle 2007 Dark Gray Chrysler 300 Tag # RTB756. Mr. Williams stated his window was broken at the time the grass was being cut.

July 07, 2009__ A female student report her Cell Phone a Blackberry Curve 8330 missing while in the Computer Lab at the Administration Building.

July 03, 2009 __ The ASU Natchez Campus Police reported that three Pepsi Machine were broken into on July 02, 2009. The Pepsi machines are located Vocational Technical Building, and Cafeteria.