Connect-ED® Implemented to Keep Students Informed

“In today’s current climate we need to be prepared for situations that we never could have anticipated happening and recognize the important role that immediate communication plays in keeping students safe,” said Name, title. “As part of our comprehensive critical response plan, we have added the Connect-ED service because of its successful track record and multi-modal capabilities that will allow us to keep students and staff informed whether they are in their dorms, sitting in front of their computers, or on their way to class.”

The Connect-ED service enables campus leaders to schedule, send, and track personalized voice messages to up to six phone numbers per student and staff member, and immediately sends messages via four different modes of communication:


  • Voice messages to home phones, work phones, cell phones, and even e-mail addresses

  • Text messages to cell phones, PDAs, networked digital signage, and other text-based devices

  • Text messages to e-mail accounts

  • Messages to TTY/TDD receiving devices for the hearing impaired


“Notifying students immediately is crucial in time-sensitive situations, such as a severe storm or campus closure,” Name said. “It is essential for students to enter their contact information into the Connect-ED database. The more means we have to contact individuals, the better our odds are of spreading timely information and updates and keeping everyone safe.”


Contact information included in the Connect-ED service will only be used for campus notifications and will not be made available to any other service.

To opt-in to the Connect-ED service, students, faculty and staff can submit their information at:

Faculty and Staff use full email address

Students use only name that appears before the

More information about the Connect-ED service for post-secondary educators is available at