3rd Quarter - 2011 Incident Log

7-08-2011 ___ around 11:20  am  Lt. A Walker took and report from a student concerning his cell phone missing.  He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and when he returned his cell phone was gone.  He did not lock the door. 

7-11-2011 ___ around 9:00  am  Lt. A Walker met with Mr. E. Shedrick who came by to report some suspicious activity in the physical plant’s motor pool.   Two lawn mowers were filled with gas and mysteriously the gas was siphoned out.  The lawn mowers were being parked in the wrong place.  The lawn mowers were moved to camera view to catch to offenders. 

7-13-2011 ___ around 4:00  pm  Officer T. Earls walked out a room check in Robinson Hall and noticed two females fighting in front of Burrus Hall.   They were brought to the station to make reports and then will be sent to the disciplinary committee.  

7-16-2011 ___ around 1:30  am  Major K. King was on patrol and checked the doors of the dining hall.  He found them open.  He went inside to find students inside, behind the counter and in the freezer. He shouted at them and they ran. He radioed the station and they were caught on camera, identified and apprehended.  These students said they were hungry and went to get something to eat.  They  were arrested and taken to the Claiborne County Jail.  

7-18-2011 ___ around 9:00  am  Lt. A Walker took and report from  a staff member who came by the police station to report that one of his department’s computers was missing.  Inventory was being conduct when the discovery was made.  It is uncertain when the computer was taken.  

7-20-2011 ___ around 1:45  pm  Lt. A Walker took a report from  a student  who said that his laptop was missing.  He noticed it when early in the morning, returned from class and went to sleep. His roommate went to class and left the door unlocked.  

7-20-2011 ___ around 11:15  pm  Officer I. Williams caught  four males, two students and two non-students gambling in the dorm.  Officer Williams took the two non-students and processed them for trespassing.   The students were written-up by the dormitory dean.    

7-21-2011 ___ around 4:20  pm  Officer I. Williams  made and report that a black backpack was taken from the storage room and Burrus Hall.  A person was seen on camera leaving the dorm with a black backpack around that time.  

7-23-2011 ___ around 4:00  am  Sgt. K. Collins  made a report that a black laptop was taken from a student.  He reported that he believes someone came into the room while his roommate was asleep and the door was open. The roommate said he knows that the door was closed.   A look at the security camera did not reveal anyone coming out of the room at the time in question. 

7-23-2011 ___ around 1:00  am  Major K. King made a report that he and other officers were walking the hall at Revels dorm and smelled marijuana.  Dean King opened the door of  the room.   There was evidence that  there  had been smoking in the room.  There was also a snake in the room.  The snake was taken to the police station and kept. 

7-23-2011 ___ around 5:50  am  Major K. King filed a report that the cleaning woman at Robinson Hall said the that snack machine was dropped face down and two fire extinguishers were sprayed in the lobby. 

7-25-2011 ___ around 10:20  pm   Officer C. Jones filed a report from  a student who said that someone broke into his room when he went to class and took his 42 inch TV.  He said someone said they saw someone come out of his room with a TV but could not give a description. 

7-26-2011 ___ around 12:13  am  Sgt. K. Collins took a report from a student who said she was  receiving harassing phone calls 

7-27-2011 ___ Officer Brown took a report from a student.  He  said he was robbed when a male came to his room and asked him for some tissue.  When that guy brought the tissue back, he grabbed the occupant’s  wallet and ran out the building.   Earlier that day, he had given some guy some money from his backpack.  He had just cashed his refund check.  The guy that stole the wallet asked him about the backpack.  The two may have worked that robbery together. 

8-01-2011 ___ around 10:45  am  Lt A Walker took a report from a staff member who said that 10 metal gates that were kept in the storage shed behind that dairy were taken.  He put them in there 2 months ago and checked two weeks ago and they were missing.  This staff member said that several people have a key; but he doesn’t have one. 

8-01-2011 ___ around 2:53  pm  Officer Brown was dispatched to Revels Hall to pick up the Housing Director and one of the Vice Presidents.   Dorm counselor,  Hargrove said that they needed to check rooms on the first floor because there was a odor of marijuana.   Vice President Robert approached and told them to  a check room.   Four students were caught and admitted to smoking in the room.  They were taken to the police station. 

8-02-2011 ___ around 3:12  pm  Major K. King took a statement a student that his vehicle had be key scratched.  Time, date and place are unknown. 

8-02-2011 ___ around 3:50  pm  Major K. King was dispatched to Robinson Hall.  In the room, a switch blade was confiscated and some alcohol was found along with many empty alcohol bottles. 

8-05-2011 ___ around 9:00  am  Capt. R. Hammett filed a report from the ASU Infirmary nurse concerning a breaking and entering.  Some medication were taken.  The Claiborne County Sheriff’s department was called in. 

8-08-2011 ___ around 2:00  pm  Lt. A Walker took a report from a staff member  who came by the police station to report that one of the young male boars was taken.  Another staff member  said that the boar was there Friday evening when she left work.  However, when she came back to work Monday morning, the boar was gone. 

8-09-2011 ___ around 2:45 pm, officer T. Earls took a report  from Dean Lamont Wilson that a TV was taken from a room at Building C.   

8-11-2011 ___ around 12:45 pm, Lt.  Walker took a report from a student  who said he left his clothes in the closet and left a few days.  The door was unlocked because he could not lock it. 

8-11-2011 ____ around 12:45 pm, Lt. Walker took reports from students who reported a playstation 3 stolen from the athletic room.  A student came confessed to stealing the playstation after it was taken from his room by Lt. Walker after the serial numbers matched. 

8-12-2011 ___ around 10:00 pm, officer E. Goods  filed a report from  a student who said  that his truck have been keyed and Chinese food left in the back of his truck.   Major King filed a supplementary report that the student and his ex-girlfriend came in to make a statement.  The ex-girlfriend denied have any part in the keying and dumping of food in the truck.  

8-14-2011 ___ around 10:00 pm, officer E. Goods  was dispatched to  Building C, the room of a student who said that his 32 inch flat screen TV was taken.  It is believed to have been taken out his room while he was moving his belongings out of the room. 

8-15-2011 ___ around 5:35 pm, Lt. Walker  took a report from a student  who said she is being harassed by another female student concerning  her ex-boyfriend. Travis  She has withdrawn from school to avoid conflict She said she made the police report  for the record. 

8-16-2011 ___ around 4:35 pm, officer E. Goods took a report from  a student who reported that her money was taken out of her truck.  She said the door was locked and the money was taken out of a compartment in the truck. 

8-18-2011 ___ around 8:00 pm, officer B. Brown was dispatched to  Building C for a disturbance over a cell phone.   When  the two broke up, he  took the phone he bought for her.   She claims the sim card was damaged when she got it back.  He said he was nice enough to give her the sim card since he bought it too.  He refuses to give her the phone. 

8-22-2011 ___ around 10:15 pm, officer E. Goods filed  a report from the mother of a student  who said he was “ jumped on” by 3 males behind the old gym.  The student with the victim ran when the guys jump on him.  He doesn’t remember much because of the injuries to the head. 

8-23-2011 ___ around 1:40 pm, Lt. Walker took a report from  a student who reported that his vehicle was vandalized.  It appeared that someone took a key and scratched the vehicle. 

8-23-2011 ___ around 4:58 pm, there was a fight in the Wi-Fi room at the amenities building.  Students fought over what was said to be an argument over who had next on the pool table.  One student was stabbed in the back and another was beaten with a pool stick and a chair.  Some students were arrested. The entire scene was caught on tape by the surveillance camera. 

8-24-2011 ___ around 6:08 pm, Sgt J. Williams with officers Goods and Earls responded to a domestic disturbance in the Johnson Village community.  Officers left the family to work it out.

8-25-2011 ___ around 3:00 pm, officer E. Goods filed  a report from a student  who report his wallet lost.  The person who had spent  $600 off his gold card.  The transactions were tracked by the transaction reporting system. 

9-01-2011 ___ around 11:50 pm there was a fight between two students .  She saw him  at the women’s dorm; accused him, and pushed him in the face.  He began to choke her.   Some students standing by broke it up and shorts ran.  They both filed police statements and were given behavioral restriction.  He  later sent her what appeared to be threatening texts. 

9-06-2011 ___ around 3:10 pm, Lt Walker took a report from Dean Martilla Harris who saw some ammunition in a room during room check.  The police were notified and took possession of the ammunition.  The resident of the was suspended from another incident. 

9-07-2011 ___ around 12:45 pm, Lt Walker took a report from a student who reported threats and intimidation from two car loads of non-students who parked and waited for him.  He  thinks they have him confused to be someone who injured their friend in a fight at a high school football game. 

9-07-2011 ___ around 11:45 pm,  Sgt. K. Collins made a report that he was called by Dean Larry King of Revels Hall who reported that 3 student’s gold cards were stolen.  They were left on the desk during visitation.  The video tape captured the one taking the cards when Dean King’s  back was turned. 

9-07-2011 ___ around 3:00 pm, Lt Walker took a report from a student who reported that her Gold Card was stolen.   Hundreds of dollars was spent off of it in a 10 day span.  She first left is in the laundry room and retrieved it; then left it somewhere else she is uncertain of. 

9-14-2011 ___ around 9:15 am, a student filed and report that he left his wallet on the steps in the Student Union.  He was advised to cancel all his credit cards.  

9-15-2011 ___ around 1:30 am, Officer C. Jones along Major K. King and Sgt. Collins to a complaint from a student whose vehicle was keyed by a disgruntled girlfriend.   He was involved with another woman and she  also slapped  him from the notion of it.  They both were issued behavioral restrictions whereby they are not to have any contact with each other. 

9-15-2011 ___ around 2:20 am, Officer  I Williams took a report from  a student  who reported  that her ex-boyfriend threw her cell phone on the ground damaging it and when she went to walk away, he grabbed her arms and threw her  on the ground too.  He was upset because she broke up with him.  There were witnesses.   

9-16-2011 ___ around 11:45 pm, Officer C.,  Lt. Walker took a report from  a staff worker  from the ASU dairy.  She stated that 3 cabinets from the lab were missing .  The chemical that were in the cabinets were put on the floor.   She  said that the door was locked and the cabinets were lock the last time she saw them.  There are 3 other people with keys that she is aware of. 

9-17-2011 ___ around 10:30 pm, Officer E. Goods and Officer C. Jones were called to a fight at Burrus Hall.  The female student  filed assault charges against the male for hitting her when she confronted him about posting a picture of her butt crack on facebook.  There was a verbal altercation before the fight. 

09-18-2011 ___ around 1:25  am, Major K. King attended a student who came by the station and was bleeding.  Major King administered first aid because she did not want to go to the hospital. 

09-21-2011 ___ around 12.20 pm, Mr. Keith McGee from the Biotech Department reported that two apple desktop computers were taken from his office.  McGee remembers seeing them is his office (he reportedly locked) Monday.   When he came back to his office Wednesday they were gone. 

09-21-2011 ___ around 2:30 Lt.  Walker took a statement from a student  who reported that another female student is stalking her again.  She has reportedly violated two court restraining/non stalking orders.  Their problems start years ago.  They are from the same hometown and one has a baby by  a man the other is interested in.  She filed the report give ASU police a history of the case. 

09-21-2011 ___ around 6:27 pm officer, Brenda  Brown  took report from two who are roommates.  One student’s   computer, playstation and other things were taken.  He and his roommate went to baseball practice.  The roommate left practice before the other.  He thinks his roommate left the door open.  There was reports from other residents that a guy was opening doors and excusing himself to the occupants.  Dean King identified man as someone who was on the hall and not supposed to be there.  He was told not to come back unless accompanied by a resident. 

09-22-2011 ___ around 4:00 pm. Lt . Walker filed a report that the President’s vehicle had been damaged.  President Brown said that it was fine at 8 am when he arrived at the NAB Building.  Mr. Gralon  stated that he saw it undamaged.  However, someone from facilities management  took the vehicle to be service between 10 and 10:30 am and they noticed it damaged.  It appeared to have been key-scratched around the doors and back. 

09-23-2011 ___ around  1:46 pm Capt. R. Hammett took a report from  a student who reported that his radio, speaker and gps  were taken from his car.  He was in his car before the game.  He thinks someone found his door unlocked because the door lock was broken. 

09-29-2011 ___ around 3:00 pm,  Col. C Jackson took a report from a student and his father who came to campus police to report that his laptop and  TV was missing from his room. 

09-30-2011 ___ around 12:43  am, Major K. King took a report from a student who reported that he locked his door when he left.  However, when he returned, he found the door unlock and some items missing.  He think his roommate may have left the door unlocked.