4th Quarter 2011

10-02-2011 ___ around 8:35 pm  Major K. King took reports from two suitemates who reported that they returned to campus after a weekend away to find their laptops missing. 

10-05-2011 ___ around 11:40 pm Major K. King intervened a fight. Both had to be taken to the hospital. 

10-06-2011 ___ around 7:00 pm Officer B. Brown was dispatched to Building B where 4  suitemates where fighting and a theft occurred. One roommate reported alcohol in the refrigerator which aggravated the situation.   

10-09-2011 ___ around 8:50 pm Officer E. Goods was dispatched to Building C to a fight disturbance.  The fight was between a student who worked the lobby desk and a student who was sitting in the lobby.  The student worker noticed the other “mocking”  other people in the lobby and said something to him.  That student took issue and the two began to argue which turn into a physical fight. 

10-17-2011 ___ around 11:45 am,  Lt. Walker took a statement from a worker at the Dairy Farm. The ignition switch a 4-wheeler ATV was damaged and a trailer was missing.  There was evidence of forced entry into the barn. 

10-17-2011 ___ around 12:30 pm,  Lt. Walker took a statement from a student who reported that a male student pulled her hair out.  She had his cell phone.  Instead of walking with him to get it, she rode to her dorm room, got the phone and returned it  before going to the police station to make a report.  He reportedly was upset that she had the phone and would not walk with him to get it. 

10-17-2011 ___ around 11:30 pm,  Officer M. Doss was dispatched to the scene of  an assault in the new dorm area.  A non-student was badly injured.  Witnesses said a dark SUV drove speeding on the sidewalk of the new dorm B recklessly almost hitting pedestrians and vehicle.  Two males were running alongside the truck hitting the guys in the truck.  The victim reported fell out of the truck. The truck sped away.  Two males came to hit.  One hit him and knock him out.  The other picked him up and dropped him on his head.  He was taken to the hospital. 

10-18-2011 ___ around 8:55 am a student reported she was raped.  She said that she had invited him to her room and was drunk.  She said that when he started touching her, she told him to stop and he didn’t.  She woke up to find a used condom with his sperm in it.  He denied the allegation.  She went to a OBGYN doctor in  Flowood, Mississippi. 

10-19-2011 ___ around 10:07 pm, Officer Brenda Brown dispatched to Pizza Hut where she saw a student and a Pizza Hut worker arguing.  Reportedly, the student wanted to use her friend’s credit card which was against store policy.  She got upset and started cursing at the worker.  The worker called campus police. The two continued the argument until campus police arrived. 

10-20-2011 ___ around 2:00 pm,  Col. C. Jackson and Capt R. Hammitt dispatched to the former Mable Thomas dorm parking lot.  Two students  were fighting some football players.  According to one of them, they were venting about some football players jumping “their boys” when some players came by and the fight started. 

10-21-2011 ___ around 12:00 am,  a student  informed campus police that  another student had been in an altercation.  She texted him pictures of her bruised hand.  She was driving on the back road when someone beeped the car horn at her.  The suspect attempted to get in her vehicle.  She punched him and drove off.  She could not identify the person or the vehicle. 

10-22-2011 ___ around 1:00 am,  a student reported to campus police that his tv and laptop were stolen.  His roommate left his key in the door before leaving and going out of town.   

10-22-2011 ___ around 1:00 pm, a student reported to campus police that her diamond bracelet was taken out of her bag in her dressing room during the game.  Ms. Brown is the advisor over the cheerleader and she left it in her bag in the dressing room.   

10-22-2011 ___ around 3:00 am, Officer B. Brown was called to the gym where hired game-time security chiefs Jones and Lutch had a student in cuffs. A student said that he hit her and he has hit her before.  He denied it in his statement.  She later changed her story and decided not to press charges.  He is married and is in an affair with Thompson. 

10-23-2011 ___ around 9:30 pm, Officer I. Williams dispatched to a fight where members of the “Wreaking Crew” and the baseball team were fighting.  When Officer Williams arrived four were fight.  After breaking them apart, he attempted to keep them apart and called for backup.  One guy grabbed Officer Williams’ flashlight while he was unaware because the pushing and shoving of separating the fighter.  The guy threw the flashlight at the baseball player and the fighting started again.  Officer Williams pepper sprayed the crowd.  Other officers arrived on the scene and restored order. 

10-25-2011 ___ around 9:45 am, Officer E. Goods responded to a call from a student who reported that a crowd approached his vehicle when he and his roommate returned from Vicksburg.  They accused him of stealing a laptop.  The roommate gave someone a key to search the room.  When they returned his key, one guy swung and a fight broke out.  The returned to find a laptop missing. 

10-26-2011 ___ around 11:50 am,  a student reported to Lt. Walker that her mother’s wedding ring was stolen from her dresser the previous night when she went to night.  The ring is a very expensive diamond ring with distinct features. 

10-26-2011 ___ around 2:45 pm, Officer M. Doss was dispatched to the Honors dorm where someone had broken the glass of a Chevy Blazer and took the a purse. 

10-28-2011 ___ around 11:31 am, student was arrested and taken to Claiborne County jail for having a hand gun in the dormitory.

11-01-2011 ___ around 10:00 am, a student filed a report that his window was broken out his vehicle.  

11-01-2011 ___ around 10:00 am, a student filed a report that he was attacked by six or seven males in mask.  They wrestled him to the ground and took his money, gold card and car keys.  

11-01-2011 ___ around 9::50 am, a student filed a report that his vehicle was broken into and his CD player was taken.  

11-01-2011 ___ around 12:30 pm, a student filed a report that her vehicle was vandalized.  

11-02-2011 ___ around 12:50 pm, officer N. Johnson was foot patrol when she observe a student about to light-up a marijuana blunt.  She approached him and asked him if it was in fact marijuana.  He replied “yes”. His action prompted her to search his vehicle.  Cash money and bagged marijuana was found. He was arrested for possession with intent to distribute.  

11-02-2011 ___ around 2:42 pm, officer N. Johnson filed a report that she saw a student smoking marijuana.  The evidence was turned over to the investigator.  

11-03-2011 ___ around 2:55 am, Dean Larry King filed a report that he was awakened by a noise in the lobby.  Someone had tried to break into the snack machine.  

11-05-2011 ___ around 2:49 pm, a student filed a report that her cell phone was stolen at the football game.  She said a suspect running up the bleachers moments after she saw it was gone.  She asked him if he had it.  He said he did and would tell her; but never showed.  

11-08-2011 ___ around 9:48 pm, officer M. Doss filed that there was theft in Building C.  Three suitemates were robbed while at practice.  

11-09-2011 ___ around 5:00 pm, officer E. Goods took a statement from Wingate Harris who accused Joshua Shorts of assaulting her.  He denies her account of the event.  

11-09-2011 ___ around 8:05 pm, officer B. Brown was dispatched to Building B in reference to an auto burglary.  A student reported that his window was broken and 2 speakers and a speaker box was taken out of his truck.  

11-10-2011 ___ around 4:04 pm, officer B. Brown took a report from an adjunct professor.  She said that the phone was under that podium in the class room.  She said that came to the podium before and after class to talk to her.  She noticed the phone missing when she was about to leave.  Her searching yielded not recovery.  

11-10-2011 ___ around 3:00 pm, officer B. Brown took a report a student who said that someone took his wallet out of his back pack while he was in class.  

11-10-2011 ___ around 3:50 pm, officer B. Allen took a report from a student who reported that after returning to campus, some cash and other things were missing from his room.  

11-10-2011 ___ around 5:00 pm, officer T. Earls was dispatched to Revels Hall where a student told him his new computer was stolen.   Griffith thinks his roommate left a teammate who left the door unlocked.  

11-16-2011 ___ around 10:15 pm, officers N. Johnson and M. Doss were on patrol when they encountered a suspect.  They searched his vehicle and found stolen items which he said he bought from someone on campus.  He was arrested for possession of stolen property.  

11-16-2011 ___ around 3:40 pm, officer B. Brown took a report from a student who stated that he left the computer lab for 15 minutes to return and his laptop was gone.  

11-16-2011 ___ around 5:45 pm, officer B. Brown took a report from a student who reported his Macbook computer taken.  His roommate left the door unlock.  

11-16-2011 ___ around 3:40 pm, officer E. Goods took a report from “Little Jack”, manager of Jack’s Service station who reported 3 students shoplifting. They were caught on camera.    

11-17-2011 ___ around 9:00 am, Capt. R. Hammett filed a report an assistant professor of Military Science who reported some equipment stolen from the Army ROTC Bay/Weight Room.   

11-18-2011 ___ around 3:00 am, Major K. King filed a report that a student was seen on camera with a stolen pit bull puppy.  There were also eyewitnesses.  Charges will be filed against him.  

11-28-2011 ___ around 10:10 am, Capt. R. Hammett took a statement from a student that his belongings were taken out of his room while on Thanksgiving break.  

11-28-2011 ___ around 11:50 am, Lt. Walker filed a report for student who reported his car stolen.  He had lost his key.  The new key did not arrive before he went on Thanksgiving break.  When he got back, the car was gone.  

11-30-2011 ___ around 9:30 am, Mr Wendell Harried came to the station to report a theft at Mabel Henley Lott Housing Complex several apartment had the utilities taken along with a lot of copper pipes and wiring.  

12-02-2011 ___ around 11:17 pm, a police monitor saw on the security camera some spray from a fire extinguisher.  A back up review of the camera footage confirmed that the fire extinguisher was sprayed.   Officers went to Building D and  also discovered a smoke-filled room and found a female student  trespassing.  A non-student was arrested for trespassing and the female student and 4 other students were charged with smoking marijuana.