Emergency Response Implementation



Level – 1 

Level – 2 

Level – 3 

University Activities

Minimal and localized. Most University activities not impacted

Significant. University activities localized shutdown

Very Significant.  University activities shutdown for a period of time.

Faculty, Staff and Students

Site-specific localized impact. Injuries possible

Site-specific or general impact with possible disruptions. Injuries possible.

General impact with probable disruptions. Injuries and possibly fatalities are a serious concern.

Media Coverage

None expected or limited local coverage

Local/regional coverage.

Local, regional and possible national coverage.

Public & Government Concern


Potential exists for an embarrassing situation. Government agencies may investigate prevention/response/recovery efforts.

Potential exists for an embarrassing situation and government investigations or hearings.

Emergency Operation Team (EOT) involvement

Limited or none

Conditionally involved.

Actively involved.

Emergency Management Team (EMT) involvement

Probably none

Consulted as needed.

Consulted regularly and actively involved.