When heavy rain threatens, get out of areas subject to flooding. This includes creeks, streams, dips, washes, low spots, canyons, and low water crossings.

  • Do not camp or park vehicles along streams and creeks, particularly during threatening weather.
  • Avoid already flooded and high-velocity flow areas. Do not cross, on foot or in your vehicle, quickly flowing creeks, streams, or low water crossings, especially if you do not know the water depth.
  • Road beds may not be intact in low-water crossings during flash flood episodes. Be especially cautious at
  • night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.
  • If your vehicle stalls in high water, LEAVE IT IMMEDIATELY AND SEEK HIGH GROUND.

The threat of flash flooding on our campus is real. During periods of heavy rain, avoid low-lying areas. Listen to the advice of campus officials regarding areas where flooding is occurring and avoid these areas.