Emergency Notification System Registration

As part of its continuing efforts to enhance the safety and security of the Alcorn community, the University has established an Emergency Notification System (the Connect-ED system).

All ASU Emergency Notification System (ENS) messages will contain at minimum the following information, in this order:

1. Nature of the incident.
2. Location.
3. Actions to be taken by affected populations.

This system permits the University to distribute information via telephone, e-mail, text message, and/or voice message. The University deploys the system:

• In the event of an emergency that poses a substantial threat to the health and/or safety of members of the University community;
• To alert members of the campus community of weather-related closings; and
• During routine testing. 
  Any message sent during such routine testing is identified as such.

The Connect-ED system is designed to provide our students, staff and faculty with an additional layer of security and protection in emergency response, in conjunction with other well-established emergency communication methods, such as university broadcast emails, online updates via the University homepage, and coordinated use of public media outlets.

The University strongly urges each member of the ASU community to take advantage of the Connect-ED system. It is your responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate contact information using the Connect-ED system page; and
  • Update that information as necessary.

Sign Up!

Sign up for Connect-ED at https://connected.alcorn.edu/default.asp. You won't regret it!