Building Coordinators

Because of the number of University buildings and their uniqueness in structure, Building Coordinators are assigned to each building. Building Coordinators are considered the direct person of contact for each building. Building Coordinators are responsible for alerting building occupants during an emergency or evacuation. They are also responsible for conducting a personnel role call once evacuation or shelter-in-place assembly has taken place. This procedure is done to assist the Emergency Management Team in accounting for all building occupants.

Each University building must have a Building Emergency Plan (BEP) that describes procedures for building occupants to follow in the event of an emergency. The Building Coordinator develops the BEP and submits it to the Senior Vice President for Administration/CFO (Incident Commander) for review and distribution to the Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department.

As a member of the Alcorn Community, you should also be familiar with the Emergency Management Plan.  This plan describes the procedures to follow in a variety of emergencies. Please print the Emergency Management Plan for your personal Records.  If you have any questions about the EMP, contact the Fire Chief at (601)877-6196.

All Building Coordinators are responsible for completing the Building Emergency Management Plan form online, with the assistance of the Fire Chief.


University Buildings 

Building Coordinator 


Office # 

Alumni Affairs House 

Janice Gibson 


ASU Laundry 

Christine Starks  


Biotechnology Building 

1st Floor: School of Business

Geraldine Varnado  


Biotechnology Department

Lashonda Rankin  


Bowles Hall 

Regina Rankin  


Child Development Center/Eunice Powell  

Gwendolyn Lucas  



Latasha Holmes  


Clinton Bristow Dining Hall 

Jill Davis  


Dave Whitney Complex 

LlJuana Weir 


  Sandra Williams   (601)877-6500

Ecology Building 

Girish K. Panicker 


Nancy Smith  


Financial Services Building 

Janice Harris  


Fine Arts Building 

Linda McDonald  


Harmon Hall 

Krishina Moore  


Sewindia Scott-Williams  


Industrial Technology Building 

Military Science Building 

Denease Moore  


Maple Jones  


Delbra Jones  (601)877-4714


Dorothy Jackson  


J.D. Boyd Library 

Eva Smith  


J.L. Bolden Campus Union Building 

Willie Moses  


  Henry Coleman  (601)877-6321

Lott Townhouses 

Calvin Broomfield  


Math and Science Building 

Lixin Yu   


Yolanda Jones  


Matt Thomas Apartments 

Johnnie Thomas 


Zikomo Turner  


Morris/Boykin Agriculture and Extension Research Building 

Deidra Knox  


Cassandra Vaughn  


Natchez Campus 

Pamela Wood  


President's House 

President Dr. M. Christopher Brown II  


Residence Halls 

  Jessica Foxworth  (601)877-6479
  Stafford Williams  (601)877-6387
Albert Lott Hall Larry King   (601)877-6636
Beulah Robinson Hall Tatiana Rudd  (601)877-2410
  Montoya Wilson   (601)877-2410

Female Honors

Deborah Horton  


Female Honors

Ashley Guidry  


John Burrus Hall

Lena Gordon  


John Burrus Hall

Lore Green  


MWEHV Complex A

Aimee Reynolds  


MWEHV Complex A

Dominique Brown  


MWEHV Complex B

YaDonna Watts  


MWEHV Complex B

Margie Campbell  


MWEHV Complex C

Kelly Thomas  


MWEHV Complex C

Robbie Davis  


MWEHV Complex D

James Horton  


MWEHV Complex D

Robert Benson  


Hiram Revels Hall

Larry King  


Hiram Revels Hall

Donyea Hargrove  


Student Nursing

JoMarie Blissett  


Saturday Science Academy House 

Mary Trimble



Vicksburg Campus 

Cheryl Kariuki  


Walter Washington Administration & Classroom Building 

1st Floor

Sabrena Johnson  


2nd Floor

Mary King  


Jerry Sims  


3rd Floor

Doretha Rankin 


4th Floor

Lekita Carr  


5th Floor

Alfred Galtney  


6th Floor

Karen Shedrick