Student Development and Advising

The Office of Student Develoment and Advising maintains an advising and tutoring staff along with state-of-the-art computer laboratories in order to provide academic support for Alcorn students.

Students are assisted by professional advisors in the following ways:

  • making a satisfactory adjustment to the university;
  • becoming acquainted with the history of Alcorn;
  • understanding academic policies and regulations of the university;
  • exploring career and educational options;
  • identifying reasons and solutions for academic problems;
  • developing good test-taking strategies, study habits, time management, and coping skills;
  • monitoring and evaluating educational progress; and
  • maintaining records of students' progress and transfer to major areas.
The Office of Student Development and Advising manages a developmental education program to assist students who have deficiencies in reading, writing, thinking and quantitative skills. This program is designed to enable students to reach the proficiency levels required for success in the regular college curriculum. Upon entry, students are placed in appropriate classes according to ACT sub-test scores.