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2014 Student Services Graduates

TRIO Programs staff extend hearty congratulations and best wishes to the Student Services Graduates of 2014. Keep in touch so that we may continue to honor and celebrate your success!

The History of Student Support Services TRiO Achiever Awards at ASU

The progress and success of the TRiO programs is personified by the TRiO Achiever Awards. The strength and determination of TRiO students, particularly Student Support Service, here on campus is represented by this awardee.

The Annual Alcorn State University Student Support Services Spring TRiO Achiever Award is designed to recognize and honor participants who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments and for whom SSS has played a fundamental role in their educational achievements.

This year current SSS participants were selected for special recognition through the following awards:

The SSS Striving For Excellence Award -This award is granted to students who have made great strides toward achieving their academic, professional, and community service goals.

The SSS Community Service Award – This award is granted to the student who has actively volunteered to serve his community in various capacities.

The SSS Leadership Award – This award is granted to the student who has exemplified leadership abilities on and off campus. This student has joined many campus organizations, has taken on leadership roles, and has excelled academically.

The SSS Achievement Award – The achievement award is granted to the student who has achieved many of the goals that they set for themselves since their freshman year. This student has excelled both in and out of the classroom, has been awarded various scholarships, has sought out internships and educational opportunities, and has been granted admission into graduate or professional school.

The SSS Scholarship Award – The SSS Scholarship award is granted to the student who has excelled academically and has achieved the highest GPA in their class among Student Support Services participants.