When will I get my new telephone?

The process of visiting offices, installing new equipment and testing connections has started and will continue through this week.


What if I have a number and have not yet received my new phone?

If you have an existing number and have not yet received a new telephone, please call the CITS Helpdesk at 601-87-CITS (2487) and then press "1" to be directed to the person incharge.


When will the switch to the new system be done?

The switch to the new telephone system on the main campus has been done as of March 1, 2010.   


Can I start using my new telephone?

Yes. The new telephone system is up and running. The old system has been shut down as of March 1, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.  


What about my Voicemail and other settings on the old telephone?

Voicemail or other settings on your old telephone system will not be converted to the new system.  


What will happen to my old telephone?

The process of collecting your old Meridian telephones will begin the first week of March.  


Can I order new telephone numbers and telephones?

Requests for new telephones and numbers will be considered after March 8th, 2010.  


What about the Natchez campus?

The Natchez campus has already been upgraded and four-digit dialing to Natchez will not work until the switch on the main campus on Friday, 26th February 2010.