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Graduate Studies Historical Milestones

1975Division of Graduate Studies established by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning
1975Division of Graduate Studies directed by Dr. Norris Edney
1975Seven academic divisions included in the Division of Graduate Studies: Arts and Sciences, Education and Psychology, Business, Agriculture and Applied Science, Graduate Studies, Nursing, and the General College for Excellence
1975Twenty different areas were offered to gain graduate credits in Five Schools
1976First Publication of Division of Graduate Studies Degree Programs and Requirements in University Catalog. The Master of Science in Education Degree was offered in Elementary Education and Secondary Education
1976Elementary Education endorsements offered in Administration and Supervision, Elementary Education, Guidance and Counseling, and Language Arts in the Elementary School
1976Secondary Education endorsements offered in Administration and Supervision, Agriculture, Athletic Administration and Supervision, Biology, Business Education, Chemistry, English, General Science, Guidance Counseling, Health and Physical Education, Home Economics, Mathematics, Social Science and Special Education (Emotional Disturbance)
1976Graduate Council organized to provide governance for the Division of Graduate Studies to determine policies of admission, retention and conduct of the graduate program, academic standards, examinations, and requirements for degrees, improve graduate curricula and programs, and approve graduate faculty
1980IHL Approves Master of Science in Agriculture January 1, 1980
1989IHL Approves Education Specialist in Elementary Education December 1, 1989
1990Master degrees in Biology and Agriculture added to the Graduate Curriculum
1990Educational Specialist degree added to the Graduate Curriculum
1991Master of Science in Biology approved by IHL May 1, 1991
1993Graduate Courses Offered at Off-Campus Sites, Natchez and Vicksburg
1993Consortium in Collaboration with Mississippi State University for the Master of Science in Workforce Education Leadership Program
1994IHL Approves Master of Science in Nursing Degree Program June 1, 1994
1995Master's Program in Nursing established
1995Master of Science in Computer and Information Science approved by IHL February 1, 1995
1996Master of Business Administration Program Approved by IHL April 1, 1996
1997Master of Business Administration Program initiated
1999Graduate Nursing Program accredited
1999IHL Approves Master of Arts in Teaching (Alternate Route) January 21, 1999
1999IHL Approves the Master of Workforce Education Leadership Degree September 16, 1999
2004Master of Science in Biotechnology approved by IHL October 21, 2004
2007Dr. Donzell Lee named Dean of the Graduate School
2009Graduate Studies Awarded HBCU Grant of $3,000,000 for a six-year cycle to improve Programs and Services for Underserved, Underrepresented and Low Income Students
2012Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology approved by IHL February 12, 2012
2013Graduate Studies graduated largest class ever with 214 degrees conferred
2015Dr. John Igwebuike Appointed as administrator of Graduate Studies
2016Executive Master of Business Administration approved by IHL November 17, 2016
2016Dr. Martha Ravola Appointed Dean of Graduate Studies
2017U. S. Department Awards Graduate Studies Renewal of HBCU-M Grant in the amount of $2,498,664
2017IHL Approves Master of Liberal Arts April 20, 2017
2017IHL Approves Master of Arts in History October 19, 2017
2018Graduate go.alcorn.edu implemented during Fall term as a student advisement and degree completion monitoring platform
2018Master of Arts in History program approved by IHL
2018IHL Approved Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program November 15, 2018
2019SACSCOC Approves Alcorn State University to offer its First-ever Doctoral degree with Doctor of Nursing practice program beginning Fall 2019
2019Graduate Studies ranked #37 in the Top Best Value Historically Black Graduate Schools in the U.S. 2019
2019Alcorn ranked #8, The 30 Most Affordable Online Masters' HBCU by the Affordable Schools
2020Alcorn ranked #2 in OnlineU.org's 2020 Most Affordable Online Master's in Biology
2020Dr. Keith McGee named Associate Provost for Research, Innovation, and Graduate Education