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Appeal Process

The academic appeal process for graduate students is designed to be a fair process in making determinations about the academic status of students and their continuation in graduate school at Alcorn State University.

There are two levels in the hierarchy for submitting an appeal.

Level 1: Graduate Studies

  1. The student should submit the Appeal Form to the Office of Graduate Studies via email at graduatestudies@alcorn.edu.
  2. Supporting documentation must be attached to the Appeal Form to augment the reason for the appeal.
  3. Following review of the Appeal 3-5 days after receipt, the appellant can expect a decision rendered within 30 business days following. A detailed electronic communication is forwarded to the student to inform him/her of the decision and the next step.
  4. Questions regarding the decision should be directed to the Graduate Studies Administrator in the Office of Graduate Studies.
  5. Appeal Form

Level 2: Academic Affairs

  1. The student has the option of submitting an appeal to the Office for Academic Affairs if he/she did not receive a favorable decision from the Office of Graduate Studies.
  2. The student must provide a formal written request to Academic Affairs within one week from the date of the decision letter or after receiving the decision from the Office of Graduate Studies.
  3. The student must submit all pertinent documentation from the Office of Graduate Studies including a copy of the appeal decision as well as other relevant information, i.e. transcripts, proof of exigence, approved grade-change forms, etc. as applicable.
  4. The student must craft a detailed formal letter stating justification for requesting reversal of the Graduate Studies appeal decision.
  5. An appeal to the Office for Academic Affairs is no guarantee that the appeal decision at the Office of Graduate Studies will be reversed.
  6. A decision will be rendered based upon the information contained in the appeal.
    Academic Affairs Appeal Form

Students can submit an appeal for one/or a combination of the following reasons.

  1. The student has been placed on academic probation and has not satisfied the conditions of this probation in retaking a course(s) because the course(s) was not offered during the specific probationary term.
  2. The student believes that there were extenuating circumstances which affected the student's progress.
  3. A course grade dispute has been filed with the academic department or instructor, or a change in grade caused the student’s GPA to drop below a 3.0.
  4. Coursework exceeded the six-year time limit for degree completion.

Graduate School Forms

Time Limit on Processing Appeals

  1. Office of Graduate Studies - The student must submit the appeal within 10 days after the determination of academic standing.
  2. Students should submit their appeal to request an extension of the six-year timeline to complete their degree program once a decision has been made to return to graduate school. The request is reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate academic unit within three days after the Appeals Committee reviews the request.
  3. Academic units return their recommendation to the Office of Graduate Studies within five to seven days, at which time, the final decision is made by the Appeals Committee and a decision communicated to the student electronically within one to three days.
  4. Office for Academic Affairs - The appeal for reconsideration of the academic status of the student must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs within one week following the decision at the Office of Graduate Studies.
  5. Exceptions to these timelines may be considered in exceptional circumstances such as, but not limited to, extended illness, bereavement, etc.