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Cyber Orientation

A Conversation with the Graduate Staff:

Students, this online Orientation session is intended to give you a virtual visit to the Office of Graduate Studies in an attempt to aid you in your transition to graduate school at Alcorn State University. At the completion of this online session, you should be well informed about basic policies and procedures that govern you as a new or current student. You must complete Modules 1, 2, 3 and 5 before completing the survey. Module 5 is optional. In order to exit this session and to certify you have completed your orientation, you must complete the survey. We welcome your feedback as to additional information we can add to this session to expand your knowledge of Graduate Studies. Once you complete this orientation, we encourage you to access the Graduate Catalog on this website to read a more extension description of all graduate requirements and program offerings.

Module 1: Graduate Requirements For New And Current Students

Enrollment Policies

Change of Degree Program


Academic Advisement: Getting and Staying on Track in Graduate School

Probation and Dismissal

Student Records

Required Exams

Statute of Limitations

Module 2: Getting Your Degree

Academic Standing


Degree Plan

Advancement to Candidacy

Exit Requirements

Substitutions and Transfer of Credits

Navigating the Thesis/Non-Thesis Process

Module 3: Deadlines and Forms

Transfer of Credits

Academic Appeal

Key Dates to Remember

Customer Service: How May We Help You?

Module 4: Campus Services and Resources


Career Services

Center for Information Technology Services

Financial Aid

J. D. Boyd Library

Office of Student Records

Student Services

Module 5: Frequently Asked Questions


Feedback-New and Current Graduate Student Online Orientation