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How to Apply to Graduate School

Welcome, prospective student, to Alcorn State University Office of Graduate Studies admission process. All interested students desiring to matriculate as a graduate student must complete an application for admission and submit the required credentials. You may apply using a paper application or an online application to apply to Graduate Studies. The preferred method is using one of the online applications below.

  • First Time Graduate
  • Readmission
  • Second Master's
  • Non-Degree
  • Specialist in Elementary Education
  • Apply Now (Click here to access the electronic application)
    You will be asked to create a Login and PIN. Remember this Login and PIN to access your application. If you already have an ASU ID number and PIN, you can use this information to login to the self-service application.
  • You may make corrections or changes to your application provided you do not submit the application. Once submitted you will not be able to make changes.
  • A valid email address is required. Be aware that secure information concerning your application will be sent to this email address.
  • Application Checklist - The following is a checklist for your self-service application sections according to the application type you select. When you enter data in a section, a check mark will appear by that section to indicate it is complete. Once you have provided all the application information requested, you must click Application is Complete to submit your application.

Admission Procedures

The Graduate School establishes minimum admission requirements and supports the online application process to graduate study.

Apply Online

The Graduate School accepts applications from domestic and international students. Applications are accepted year-round for admission to Graduate School at Alcorn State University. Students can apply using the Apply Online link on the Graduate webpage at www.alcorn.edu/academics/graduate-studies. There are six basic steps for completing the application process: create an account to login, select term and application type, complete the biographical section, select a program of interest, provide prior college attendance, and submit the application. Applications are processed within one to three days following submission. Students are sent a communication to inform them of the required documents to submit based on the program of interest. Students are also provided an ebooklet describing admission requirements and application deadlines and immunization requirements. The Graduate Office must receive complete application packets based on published deadlines.
  • Fall Admission – July 15
  • Spring Admission – November 25
  • Summer I Admission – April 25
  • Summer II Admission – May 25

Submit Required Material

Prospective students are responsible for submission of application materials to the graduate office. The graduate admission process requires submission of an application, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts from all universities attended, and test scores (all test scores must be submitted directly to the Graduate Office from the testing agency). Academic Units may determine additional materials as part of the application process for making admission decisions. Specific degree and admission requirements vary by department and are listed on the Admissions link on the Graduate webpage. The following departments require additional materials:
  • Advanced Technology – Resume and Goal Statement
  • School of Business – Resume
  • School of Education and Psychology – Educator License
  • School of Nursing – Resume, Statement of Professional Goals, Nursing License, Two-minute video

International students are required to submit additional documents for admission.
  • Credential Evaluation – evaluation conducted by an accredited credentialing evaluation service (Credentialing Service must be a member of NACES – National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) to determine if international transcripts reflect degree is equivalent to U.S. Bachelor degree. This must be a course-by-course evaluation, NO EXCEPTIONS!;
  • Affidavit of Financial Support – declaration of finances to verify resources to support educational costs to study in the United States; Affidavit and bank statement must not be older than three weeks upon submission to the Graduate Office and must be stated in U.S. currency. Finances must meet the university’s assessed tuition and cost of living expenses;
  • TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language – administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) ...OR... IELTS English proficiency exam scores (International English Language Testing System);
  • Immunization Requirement - Health Record to include two doses MMR, Hepatitis B if you are applying for admission in a health-related field.
  • Immunization Requirement - Tuberculosis Chest X-ray: chest x-ray test must be performed at a medical facility in the U.S. Test results must not be older than six weeks upon submission to the Graduate Office; and...
  • Immunization Requirement - Tuberculosis Interferon Gamma Release Assays (blood test) – blood test must be performed at a medical facility in the U.S. Test results must not be older than six weeks upon submission to the Graduate Office.

Admission Decision

Individual departments evaluate applicants. Each academic unit has an admissions committee which is comprised of at least three graduate faculty and one faculty member serves as the chair. Once an applicant submits all required documents for admission, the complete electronic file is forwarded to the admissions committee for review to make an admission decision. Graduate Admission Committees decide who to admit each semester from among the applications received. Admission committees consider the following in their deliberations and rate all applicants based on an assessment of these documents:
  • the academic success of students in reviewing their transcript of undergraduate or graduate-level work as well as course preparation for the graduate program of interest;
  • the overall Grade Point Average (GPA) as well as GPA in content courses;
  • the standardized test score performance as an indicator of success;
  • the strength of the letters of recommendation in which references assess the prospective student’s potential for advanced study; and...
  • other documents included in the complete application packet.
Admission Committees are given 3 business days to determine a decision after receipt of a student’s application packet. All admission decisions are communicated to the Graduate Office. Students applying as Non-Degree have not yet decided a program of interest. They wish to take courses for professional or personal development without obtaining a graduate degree. Students admitted non-degree are allowed to take up to nine hours of graduate courses before required to apply to a degree program. Admission to Non-Degree status is determined by the Graduate Office based on documents for admission: application, official transcript documenting a Bachelor’s degree, and statement of purpose.

Admission Notification

Admission notifications are communicated in the form of email by the Graduate Office to the student. Next steps are conveyed to the student of things the student needs to do before enrolling in courses. Following submission of your application, you will receive an email containing a checklist of missing credentials to complete your application pack. Make sure all admission documents listed in the email are forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies (official transcript from all colleges attended, official standardized test scores based on the program of application (GRE, PRAXIS I / CASE & II, or GMAT), and two letters of recommendation). Complete admission packs are forwarded to the admissions committee for the program you are applying. In rare cases, the applicant may be contacted by a member of the admissions committee requesting additional information to make an admission decision. All completed admission packs are reviewed for an admission decision by the academic unit's admission committee. Applications received beyond the deadline for admission will be processed for the next semester. Students should start the admission process well in advance of the deadlines below to apply to prevent a delay in the decision to notification process.


  • Spring - November 25
  • Summer I - April 25
  • Summer II - May 25
  • Fall - July 15
  • School of Nursing
    December 15 - Nurse Educator and Post Master
    March 15 - Family Nurse Practitioner