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Thesis and Project

Summary of Steps for Electronic Submission of Thesis and Research Project

The goal of the Graduate School is to assist students in the successful completion and submission of the thesis or research project. To facilitate this process, it is strongly recommended students follow the thesis or research guide in composing the written document for submission to the Graduate Office. A template is provided to reduce the change of serious formatting problems that can potentially delay the approval process. Before a student submits his/her electronic document to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval, the student must have completed a document review by his/her committee in the submission of an error free document.

Initial Submission:

• Check the Thesis/Project Calendar for submission deadlines.
• Compose your thesis/project in advance of the submission date to ensure adequate time for
• Schedule your defense date in a timely manner in order to make any changes recommended by
your Thesis Committee. All committee members must participate in your examination. Master
Committees must have at least three members.
• Prior to submitting your thesis/project electronically, you are required to give your thesis or project
to your advisor for his or her inspection. Before your initial submission to the Graduate Office
graduatestudies@alcorn.edu , fix any problem(s) noted.
• Double check your document after your committee's review to make sure it is formatted properly
according to the Thesis or Research Project Manual.
• Submit document electronically in pdf format; submit original signature pages on required 20#
cotton paper to the Graduate Office.
• If the Thesis or Research Project is returned for corrections, make them quickly and resubmit for
final approval.

NOTE: The Graduate School is not the first point of contact in reviewing your document for approval. The first level in the hierarchy is to have the Thesis or Research Committee read and approve the document before it is submitted to the Graduate Office.

Second Submission:

• Review recommended formatting and content changes, correct and resubmit electronically to the
Graduate Office.
• Students must submit a correctly formatted document. Check your document to ensure it is in
compliance. Use the most up-to-date Adobe Acrobat to convert your document to a pdf before
uploading it to graduatestudies@alcorn.edu .
• Your document will be reviewed in the Graduate School for proper formatting and completeness.
Minor revisions required will be identified, with a request to revise, but substantial format revisions
will be rejected and emailed to the student for corrections, as well as the committee advisor.