Juries are held at the end of the semester in applied music courses MU 122/124, MU 221/223, MU 222/224, MU 321/323, MU 322/324, and MU 421/ 423. They consist of a ten-minute performance session before a faculty committee with a brief interrogation period pertinent to the area of applied concentration. A jury is waived for the semester in which a student performs a junior or senior recital as part of degree requirements. The performance jury is the equivalent of a final exam for the applied area of semester study. Juries are normanlly held during the week preceding final exams.

All musc majors are required to register for and pass eight semesters of MU 052 Student Recital. The recital hour is a forum for student performances and also an opportunity for faculty and students to consider issues of academic and musical importance. Music students are not only interested in their own performance, but also recognize the value of listening to the performances of others and learning about the various performing media. Attendance at student recitals is required and attendance at additional concerts, recitals, and special events sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts is expected. Students majoring in music education are exempt from the recital attendance requirement during the semester in which they are enrolled in student teaching.

In addition to routine appearances on student recital programs, all music majors will present a full length recital during their senior year. Performance majors must also present a half-hour recital during their junior year. These recitals are in addition to the standard course of study and must be considered only a partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation.