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Academic Units

The School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at Alcorn State prepares highly competent graduate and undergraduate students to apply their knowledge to a rapidly changing agricultural sector and for advanced training. School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences consists of three academic departments: Agriculture, Human Sciences, Advanced Technologies,and Center of Biotechnology. Through the academic departmental structure, undergraduate instructions leading to the Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in the following areas: (1) Agriculture: Agricultural Economics, Plant and Soil Science, Animal Science, Environmental Science, Agribusiness Management; (2) Human Sciences: Child Development, Nutrition and Dietetics); and (3) Advanced Technologies Robotics & Automation, Computer Networking & Information Technology, and Applied Sciences.The Office of Academics is the hub of student activity for the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. Its role is to provide leadership and oversight for many facets of academic life in the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, including student recruitment, development and retention. We do all that is necessary to ensure that our students receive a unique and enriching academic and social experience.

The School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences also offers instructions leading to the master’s degree in Education with teaching endorsements in each of the departments. In Agriculture, the Master of Science degree is offered with majors in Agricultural Economics, Plant and Soil Science, and Animal Science. The Center for of Biotechnology offers a Master’s of Science Degree in Biotechnology. Advanced Technologies offers the Master of Science in Applied Science. The Master of Science in Workforce Leadership Education is offered jointly with Mississippi State University. Additionally, students may enroll in Pre-Professional Programs in Forestry, Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture, and in Engineering in the Department of Advanced Technologies. Throughout the year, each department conducts short courses, workshops, and conferences for various interest groups.

The major objectives of the School are to: 1) implement functional teaching programs that prepare students for successful careers in Agriculture, Human Sciences, and Technology; 2) conduct research programs that will discover new knowledge and provide better utilization of existing knowledge for the improvement of the citizens in Mississippi, the region, and the nation; and, 3) serve rural and urban individuals and families in the areas of Agriculture, Human Sciences, Technology and other related areas through extension and outreach programs and activities.