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Robotics and Automation Technology

Program Philosophy

The Robotics and Automation Technology program
strives to achieve its mission in all aspects of its operations through
innovative and engaging teaching, learning, and community outreach. Graduates of
the program will gain the skills, experience and knowledge to pursue successful
careers as technologists and managers of technology.


To provide world-class curricula and training designed to prepare superior
practitioners, managers, and leaders in the field of Robotics and Automation

Changing dynamics in world competition have manufacturers
using new technologies and management systems to increase productivity and
quality. These companies are using Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
technologies, installing robotics and automated systems and adapting new
management techniques and strategies to differentiate their companies, products,
goods, and services from competitors. A key to success in the area of Industrial
Technology is employing technologists and engineers to design, install, run and
maintain these highly technical systems.

In the Robotics and Automation Technology Program, students learn to use computer
systems to program robots, run databases in inventory, payroll, project planning and
scheduling,and purchasing. Students also have a chance to take a national professional
Certified Technology Manager (CTM) certification exam from The Association of
Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)

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