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James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom

The 2020 Multicultural Fiesta will have the Opening Ceremony and Proclamation to kick off several days of activities. Following the Opening and Proclamation, there will be Salsa and Zumba Lessons followed by a Dance Party. There will be food provided. Stay tuned for more information about these activities.

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James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom (and Multipurpose Room)

The theme for this year has a Latin flavor, so this year we are calling it the "Multicultural Fiesta" The featured performance this year is "Adios, America", an Afro-Latino women's duo. Together, artists Melania-Luisa Marte & Angelica Maria Aguilera have curated a spoken word showcase entitled "Adios America" an interactive poetry performance tackling issues of immigration, anti-blackness, and intersectional feminism within latinidad. In their set they spotlight these crucial issues using a compelling fusion of song, humor and literary magic. Their set is an hour long and offer a 30 minute Q&A afterwards.

Following their performance, there will be a Student Talent Contest, with cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Do you have a special talent? If so, please consider entering the Talent Contest. Singing, dancing, poetry/spoken word, or other talents are welcome. Stay tuned for further information about and how to enter this event.

Following the Student Talent Contest, there will be a selection of international food served in the James L. Bolden Multipurpose Room. There will be international music videos playing while Fiesta goers partake of the good eats.

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James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom

"Adios, America" will do a writing workshop to introduce students to the power of reclaiming narratives.

Various topics for the Workshop:

Say My Name

How do we say our names? or better yet, what do our names say about us? Why is it so accepted for society to alter and muddle our names for convenience? What does this say about history, language and assimilation? In America there is a negative stigma attached to names rich with accents and rolled letters. They are in constant danger of being silenced, and butchered. In this workshop, writers learn to reclaim the power of their names by first looking at their origins and meanings. From here, writers begin to see their birth title not as a burden but a badge of honor.

A Pledge To the Body

People of color carry centuries of colonization, shame, and violence in our bodies. Latinas at an early age become hyper sexualized in society. We are either fetishized or shamed for our style of dress, our hair, or our hips. Women are accustomed to hating some part of ourselves, a terrifying 91% of us as a matter of fact. It is our job as women, to rewrite this narrative. Often we think of a pledge as a written allegiance to our country, however it is about time we began writing them to ourselves. In this workshop, writers identify a part of their bodies they have always been taught to hate and write a dedication to it. Through this process, writers can uproot shame and become patriots of their own skin.

Negra Soy

Open discussion // Poems dedicated to the obstacles people of the African Diaspora face in America's political climate as multi-hyphenated beings. Social injustice, available resources within the community, and creating fellowships that help build the community.

Love Your Selfie

Daily struggles of battling mental health illnesses. A thorough break down of Anxiety and Depression. Healthy ways to overcome the challenges faced with stepping into the world. Using Technology as a tool and not a hindrance to mental health.

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