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The overall goal of the proposed Farm Management Educational Program (FMEP) is to recruit, train and equip 300 new, beginning farmers and ranchers (BFRs) with the tools and resources necessary to generate and implement a feasible farm plan, becoming sustainable in vegetable and meat goat production. The objectives are to provide educational training and hands-on demonstration in basic crop and livestock production; financial management and risks mitigation; market diversification and risks mitigation; food safety and biosecurity; and programs and services of the current farm bill. The target audiences for the FMEP are new, beginning farmers and ranchers; small farm and limited resource producers; military veterans, retired and disabled military veterans; socially-disadvantaged producers and women producers.

Collaborative Non-Governmental Organizationals (NGOs): Alliance of Sustainable Farms, Mid South Progressive Agriculture Group, Mileston Cooperative, Mississippi Meat Goat Producers Cooperative, National Center for Appropriate Technology, The Widget Development & Trading Company, LLC, and Adonai Enviornmental Development & Power, LLC.