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Outreach and Education


The MRRC facilitates activities to support conservation and preservation of our water and natural resources through workshops and other community engagements. The Center has been active in reaching out to K-12 and minority communities in distributing and facilitating traditional and non-traditional activities. The Center reaches out to K-12 students and teaches them about the environment and how they can protect or contaminant our water resources and promotes other environmental stewardship activities.

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The MRRC supports the Environmental Science Program offered through the Department of Agriculture, School of Agriculture, Research, Extension, and Applied Sciences (AREAS). The Center provides the infrastructure to support programs in academic and community education. Through the academic program, minority students will be able to broaden their knowledge in addition to traditional disciplines in the field of agriculture. Students in this program are actively involved in public outreach programs mentoring K-12 students throughout the summer.

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Courses Offered

PS 458 - GIS Applications in Natural Resources

PS 458 is an overview of geographic information technology (geographic information systems - GIS, remote sensing – RS, and global positioning systems – GPS) applications in natural resources, agricultural systems, watershed analysis, and environmental science. The course involves intensive hands-on practices with relevant desktop and online software programs. Students complete a GIS project and review case studies in different areas of interest related to environmental systems and watershed management.

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PS 460 - Watershed Hydrology

PS 460 is a discussion and assessment of hydrologic cycle and its effects on water quality. It also involves: field methods used in hydrology; principles and models for pollutant transport; and transformations in surface runoff, in-stream, unsaturated soil, and groundwater.

Students Supported Through the MRRC

The Center is actively involved in mentoring and outreach activities which support the Center’s mission in reaching out to students, farmers, and the general community as well as training the next generation of minority professionals in science and applied technology areas.