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Farm Loans

Loan Program Overview

The Small Farm Loan Program was established to provide debt capital to small farmers and farm organizations that would otherwise be unable to obtain credit from traditional financial institutions. The loan program is a supervised credit program supported by technical assistance. The Center’s loan program is structured in this manner in order to reduce risk of failure and enhance success of the enterprise. An added advantage is the zero-interest feature which in essence eliminates the cost of borrowing capital.


  1. Small-Scale/limited resource farmer;
  2. Total gross farm income not to exceed $25,000;
  3. U. S. citizen or permanent resident;
  4. Permanent resident of Mississippi;
  5. Emerging enterprise (given priority);
  6. Two letters denying credit for amount of project from financial institution;
  7. Ability to repay;
  8. Credit worthiness;
  9. Legal capacity to carry out loan obligations;
  10. Minimum of one (1) year farming experience or educational background; and
  11. Consent to carry out conditions for loan

Download/View the Small Farm Loan Application

For More Information Contact:

Velma Oliver
(601) 443-7780 or (601) 877-6570