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Summer 2021 Intern Report

Some students in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Alcorn State University have received internship officers from following international companies and organizations during the Summer of 2021.

Here is the list of companies our students received an internship opportunity from:

  • Microsoft: 3 students
  • Goldman Sachs: 3 students
  • Amazon: 2 students
  • Deloitte Services LP: 1 student
  • Morgan Stanley: 1 student
  • Facebook: 1 student
  • Dell company: 1 student
  • Anchor MG Management Consultants, Inc.: 1 student
  • Prudential Financial: 1 student
  • Pacific Investment Management Company: 1 student
  • Adobe Company: 1 student
  • Pearson Publisher Company: 1 student

*If you are a student and are need of an internship opportunity, please contact your assigned advisor and/or any available faculty in this department for assistances and further information anytime!