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Department Progress Report Logs

November 2019

In month of December, 11 of our computer science seniors will graduate from Alcorn State University. Out of these graduates, a good number of these students have been offered an after college position to work in the industry across the country.

As an example, Ms. Collett Chariton was an intern for the corporation, Apple. Mr. Ivan Matas, another computer science senior, has been offered a position to work in Washington, D.C. In most recent years, Ms. Alicia Graves and others graduates have been working at IBM and Microsoft as well. With these success stories, the job market for computer science majors seem to be very prosperous career for future years to come.

In the current market, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence are becoming the main developing directions for computer science and information technology industries. The faculty in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science have continuously reformed the existing curriculum's to meet these standards. This year, new programs such as “Mathematics with a concentration of Data Science” in the B.S. program and “Computer and Information Science with a concentration of Cyber Security” in the M.S. program are being implemented. Including with these new curriculum's, 11 new courses have been proposed to meet these standards.

Lastly, the department will be offering an easy-to-learn, in-demand, and popular programming language, Python, for ASU students enrolling in the “Basic Programming” course for spring semester of 2020. This course will be used to build more student interest within our program, and for those seeking more useful tools to add on their resume so they can be more marketable post-graduation.