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87th Mississippi Academy of Sciences Meeting on February 22-24, 2023

Two Professors: Dr. Lixin Yu and Dr. Ping Zhang with three graduate students: Puneeth Kumar Bolugallu Padmayya, Manoj Bolugallu Padmayya, Yuzhong Huang and three undergraduate students: Ronnie Davis, Cyrus Kunmar and Jordan T. Daniels attended 87th Mississippi Academy of Sciences Conference in Biloxi, MS from February 22-24, 2023.

Some MAS meeting attendees from Math and Computer Science Department

Our group did six (6) oral presentations during the meeting.

Puneeth was awarded the Second Place Award from MAS and Mississippi INBRE:

The following students have been awarded the best oral presentation certificates from the Math, Statistics and Computer Science Division:

Our students attending the MAS conference: