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2020-2021 Student Scholarship and Assistantship Awardees

IBM Master Student Scholarship 2020

Collaborating with IBM, two excellent Computer and Information Science graduate students:

  • Mr. Kyle Jenkins
  • Ms. Tanzia Tuie

They have been awarded 2020 IBM Masters Fellowship Award of $16,000 each. This award is highly competitive and recognizes Alcorn students as well as the quality of the institution. IBM recognizes awardees by name and university through various media, e.g., IBM website, social media and in IBM press releases.

NASA Scholarship 2020

  • Kimyia Youngblood, Computer Science Senior
  • Kristen Botts, Math Education Junior
  • Franklin Ransom, Mathematics Senior

HBCU-M Tuition Scholarship Awardees 2020

What is HBCU-M Tuition Scholarship?

Summer I 2020:

  • Adom, Worlanyo
  • Nwaka, Kizito C.
  • Tuie, Tanzia R.

Summer II 2020

  • Chapman, Derrick
  • Nwaka, Kizito C.
  • Tuie, Tanzia R.

Fall 2020

  • Kyle Jenkins
  • Jessica Minor
  • Jocelyn Minor
  • Kizito C. Nwaka
  • Antonio E. Austin
  • Bhargav Manoharan
  • Tanzia R. Tuie

Math Center Teaching Assistantship for 2020-2021

Math Center also provided more than $30,000 per year for student teaching assistant jobs for undergraduate/graduate students.

The list of Math Assistants awardees:

  • Andrew Meadows
  • Olasubomi Sulaiman
  • Pragya Neupane
  • Adeboye D. Aldekoba
  • Michael A. Olufade
  • Blair S. Chapusha
  • Kudakwashe P. Murinda
  • Franklin D. Ransom
  • Joseph T. Owens III
  • Ayush Baral
  • Kizito C. Nwaka
  • Milan Ghimire
  • Anthony F. Shahid
  • Kenneth M. Gibson
  • Tanzia R. Tuie

Students’ scholarships and teaching assistantships for 2020-2021 for undergraduate and graduate students with the total of more than $80,000.00 with department’s supports and recommendations. The recognitions do not include university and school academic scholarships based on ACT or GPA scores.