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Student Employment and Scholarships

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has special assistant program/scholarship for our students majoring in computer science, math, and math education. Since 2005, the department has received over 1.6 million dollars of grant. Part of the grant is used to provide tuition assistant program for our graduate students in the Master of Science program in Computer and Information Science and the Master of Science program in Math Education. Part of the grant is used to provide student assistant program for our undergraduate students to work in the Math Center.

The department also receives special scholarship from business. C-Spire provides a special scholarship for two Computer Science Majors who are Mississippi residents every year. C-Spire also invites the recipients to have internship in the company.

In addition to these special scholarship and employment opportunities, students can also get financial aid from the University. For details, please click one of the links below or go to www.alcorn.edu/financialaid. You are welcome to contact our department for department-based scholarship information.

View our scholarship opportunities in our department flyer: click here!

Scholarship News

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