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Graduating Seniors' Employments of May 2021

Our graduating seniors are special! As of May 2021, we had a list of seniors that were hitting the ground running in terms of employment opportunities. Here is a list of companies with positions that our graduating seniors of May 2021 were employed by soon after graduation:

  • 2 Seniors went to: Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA
  • Apple Corporation, Seattle, WA
  • Technology Analyst, Goldman Saches, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Software Engineering Analyst, Goldman Saches, Dallas, TX
  • 2 Seniors went to: Software Engineer, Uber Technologies, Inc. San Francisco, CA
  • Data Science graduate program, Columbia University and offer letter from Trustmark Bank Corporation
  • Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation, Washington. D.C.

We congratulate them because of all their hard work and that they continue to represent Alcorn State University in their career academic!